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  1. Hi Abi,

    We recently got married in Chattanooga, Tn we are having a party in TX and need to print some of our photos for the party. Do you know what company I can use to print 3 good quality 8×10’s? And that I can have ASAP.

    I would appreciate your suggestions..

    Your IG follower



    1. Hi there! Why don’t you try http://www.mpix.com! Such a great website & you should receive them in about 3 to 4 days. Or if you are in a HUGE time crunch, you can always try Costco or Sams, which should be available in an hour. I’ve seen prints done from them & they are nice. Costco & Sam’s may ask for a copyright release from your photographer. So ask your photographer for a CR release form 🙂 Try to stay away from Walmart, Target or Walgreens o.O their printers are not the best. In my opinion! Have an awesome party & thanks for following me! 😀


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