About Abi

Hi there, I’m Abi. 😀


I am a wedding & portrait photographer based in San Antonio, Texas.

This blog was created to show little snippets of what Cupcake Photography is all about. On this blog, you will find my latest work, my random musings, life as a new mommy and our every day life adventures.

Here are a few things you must know about me:

I’ve been married to my boyfriend Ivan, for 10 years.


We have a baby girl, who is our WORLD!


You can read all about our journey as new parents: HERE

We have a little black & white shih-tzu named Gino & a little blonde morkie named Bobbi.

I would classify myself, as a girly girl, who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. I love everything about being outside. I love running, riding my bike, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, & I do all of that with a fresh mani 😉

I am a shoe kinda girl. Always room in my closet for one more shoe box!

Chipped nail polish makes me really sad. 😦

Must have my cup of coffee as soon as I wake up. I also enjoy green tea iced teas and lime margaritas with salt 😉

My favorite color is pink, but my home is mostly decorated in the color teal. If I don’t control myself, I would have a teal house.

I am really close to my family. I think family is one of the most important aspects of your life.

Enjoy my blog & feel free to follow along!

& don’t be afraid to say hi,  I love friendly people! If you want to be a stalker, that’s fine too. Just don’t be creepy about it 😉

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