There’s no stopping her now!

I can hardly believe that my baby is a year old. 1 year of life. WE SURVIVED! Hahaha!

Isla is growing up so beautifully. I love watching her grow & looking back at her newborn photos. She looks so different now. It’s so amazing how much they change. Sometimes I think, is this even the same baby?

We took Isla’s 1 year portraits with my friend Stacy & I LOVE they way they turned out. Something that really attracted me to Stacy’s work is how opposite it is to my own style. I also appreciated that she looked for ‘moments’ more then the perfect poses. I loved that. I just ordered a 20×30 canvas of one of my favorites, I can’t wait to show y’all what it looks like!

Here are bits & pieces of what’s going on with our little family …


For the first year, Isla & I have been attached to the hip. Naturally. I work from home & we are together every single day. When Ivan comes home though, I try to leave for the gym & that’s daddy/daughter time together. I usually come home to find all 4 of them (Gino & Bobbi too of course) sprawled on the sofa watching TV or sometimes Isla is already asleep & that’s even better, because it means I can get some editing done. Lol!

At this point, I have had to wait for Ivan to come home or for Isla to go to sleep for me to get some editing done. If you are a stay at home mom or a stay at home/work at home mama, you know how fast these kids can go from being completely fine to wait, where is she? In a blink of an eye. So I find myself at my desk, turning around a million times a day, only to find her standing on the sofa or standing on a chair. I think I’m going to place a mirror right in front of my desk, so I can save my neck. I have had so much anxiety lately now that she is starting to climb! Lol. Ivan keeps reminding me that kids are resilient & she will be fine. I know, I know. But it still freaks me out when I see Isla in a squat position on my desk. Yes, ON MY DESK. & yes, I already moved the doggie crate & the chair that was next to my desk. She hasn’t figured out how to climb up on my desk yet without those items. Although, she did pull out the last drawer the other day & actually stood in it to reach for my pens. So, yea. Looks like I have a climber. I might be putting her in rock climbing lessons soon. She may have a talent that we need to explore a bit. Would be a good workout for me too!


The other day, I posted a photo of my closet doors that I’ve been wanting to paint for the past couple of years. I STILL haven’t gotten around to it. I got so many messages asking where we were moving & if we were leaving San Antonio. No. We aren’t leaving the SA area. Although, living by a beach somewhere is a dream of ours, I don’t know if that would happen anytime soon. Lol! We are currently in savings mode for a downpayment for a home. Not sure if that will be in the actual city of San Antonio or outskirts. We are still thinking about that. I’m generally a really good saver when I put my mind to it & Ivan and I are good at keeping at a budget. We are already half way to our goal, so that is awesome and although, we only need a certain amount, I am saving a little more for things I know we will need like appliances, & a sectional sofa from Pottery Barn. Lol!! The other day, I showed Ivan this PB sofa that had me drooling & he’s like, you want it in white?? Babe, really? I look over at Isla & our fur babies, yea that’s a negative. Lol! I’m thinking charcoal gray. Before I think of decorating, which duh, I already am. We need a house first. Nothing crazy. Just a 6 bedroom house. Nothing huge. I’m kidding. Honestly, I would be happy in a 2 or 3 bedroom cozy little bungalow. & we are totally open to a fixer upper. It helps that Ivan is handy & knows about home remodeling, so that’s awesome.

Anyway, so let the saving continue. I despise credit cards & we actually don’t believe in them. I know. A lot of you are probably going to be like what??? We are just big believers in saving our pennies for the things we need/want. Our family motto is, “Live Simply” & on the occasion, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” 🙂

Honestly though, that is a whole other topic for another blog post.  Maybe one day, I will share how we got rid of our debt & how we stay in budget. Would you even be interested in a post like that? Maybe one day, I’ll write it all down!


Here are some things, Isla has been all about lately:

  • Isla has 2 little bottom teeth & currently (she’s 14 months) her top teeth are starting to come through, but haven’t broken skin yet. 😦
  • She is ready to run. Right now, she’s doing a light jog. Lol!! Seems like her mind is telling her to run & her legs can’t keep up just yet. Soon though. Soon I’ll be chasing after her.
  • She has been extra cuddly with Bobbi. Those two will just hang out together for hours. Although, the other day, we found Isla choking Bobbi. So we need to work on boundaries with Isla.
  • At her 12 month appointment, Isla’s weight & height was above average. That made us happy.
  • She just learned how to clap. When we say ‘Yay!!’ that’s her cue to clap!
  • She has added, “Baby” to her vocabulary. Along with, “dad, mom, dog”
  • She’s been giving hugs lately & it melts our hearts.
  • She’s also been giving us kisses, but needs to learn how to pucker! Lol!
  • She is all about her grandmas. When she hangs out with my family or Ivan’s, she prefers her grandma’s, more than anyone else. It’s too cute.
  • Lately when she doesn’t want to be picked up, she does this melting thing. She will literally melt her body into the floor & make herself super heavy to pick up. It’s annoying, but it cracks me up.
  • She’s obsessed with Moana, but honestly so am I. 🙂


& that’s what’s been going on with us. What’s going on with you? 🙂


Sweet comments make me happy.

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