Part 2: 10 ways to truly enjoy your wedding!

A few months ago, I wrote Part 1: 10 ways to truly enjoy your wedding!  If you haven’t had a chance to read Part 1, definitely click on the link ^ above!

Let’s get into Part 2!


5. Don’t sweat the small stuff, let it go…


This is the key to a perfect wedding day:  Let it go. Let all of it go, anything that is happening behind the scenes, anything that is happening right in front of you, anything that you hear, that you see, just take a breath & let it go.

I promise letting go of the small stuff will make a big difference. Attitude is everything.

6. Be on time & follow your timeline. Cushion time is everything. 


5, 10, even 15 mins. behind schedule is pretty normal for a wedding day. That’s why it is so important to try to follow your timeline as much as possible. Sometimes, things happen and we have to move things around on the timeline. Maybe your flowers are not set up until later in the day or maybe a family member is running late, etc.

The key is to have added cushion time. Especially for portraits.

This is when you add in travel time to & from your getting ready location to the ceremony & then to the reception. Add plenty of time for your hair & makeup. Possibly look into hiring a team of makeup artists & hair stylists, especially if you have a large bridal party.

Do you have a dress with lots of buttons? Add that cushion time in girl. It won’t take 5 mins. to button up all 50 buttons.

If you know your bridal party or family members are notorious for being late, tell them to be ready way earlier then they actually need to. Give them an actual time. Nothing wrong with that! 😉 Also, send out timeline info to your Maid of Honor & the Best Man. Even if you plan on having a coordinator, it’s still a great idea to have that one person (even multiple people) on top of all bridal party & family members.

I’ve had brides tell me in the past, “Abi, I’m so sorry we are running behind!” & I always say, “Hey, it’s okay. We have cushion time!”

7. Eat something light & stay hydrated.


I know sometimes excitement gets the best of us & sometimes we don’t even want to think about eating. Eating something light will make you feel so much better though & will help with the excitement jitters. Stay away from any food or drink that makes you bloat. Look into having fresh fruit or even breakfast tacos delivered to your bridal suite. If you are drinking mimosas the morning of, especially make sure you fill your tummy with something nutritious & yummy. The last thing you want is for your tummy to be doing the talking during your ceremony.  Lol! Talking about mimosas, make sure you drink plenty of water during your entire wedding day. I am BIG on staying hydrated on wedding days, especially for my Summer brides. I would hate for my brides to feel light headed or even nauseated, because they aren’t drinking enough water.

Having water bottles at the ceremony site, a lemonade bar set up, are all smart ideas- especially when you are having an outdoor ceremony.

8. Pinterest is wonderful or is it?


Pinterest is such an amazing tool. I use it all the time actually! I always tell my husband, “if only we had Pinterest back when we got married” & he always laughs & says, “I’m glad we didn’t!” o_O

 I love when my Brides share their wedding inspiration with me. It doesn’t bug me at all & I’m totally open to ideas. A lot of my brides will even add me to their boards & we’ll exchange ideas for engagements, bridals & wedding day inspiration. The best advice I can tell you is to remember, IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY! The beautiful images you are viewing, are of couples who have already had their day OR are styled photo shoots. Yes, styled. Meaning everything is really meant to look well, perfect. Sometimes we look at these weddings or styled shoots and they really look perfect in every way.

For example, you may see these Groom reaction photos (& believe me, I really love them too!) & you have it in your mind that your groom NEEDS to cry when he sees you for the first time. You walk down the aisle & he’s not crying. He’s smiling, but no tears. What’s going on? Why isn’t he crying?? He’s supposed to be crying tears of absolute JOY! Do you get where I’m going here? :/  Sometimes Pinterest can cause expectations for us that do not happen (& hey, sometimes they do) We just have to see what happens on the day of & go with the flow. Try not to have the Pinterest photos in your mind & allow for your wedding to take place the way it’s supposed to. Also, if you have an awesome photographer (:)) I promise, they will do whatever it takes to make sure you have those dreamy photos.

9. Make time for photos, but don’t spend your entire time taking photos.


Although, this does pertain to all of my couples, this is especially for my couples who have a big family. I’m not talking about siblings & grandparents. I’m talking about aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Everyone wants a photo with the newlyweds! It’s completely understandable. I highly recommend to save your family formals for your immediate family & save the reception for other family members & friends.  Some of my brides do decide to go around & take extra photos with guests, other brides decide not to, and that’s completely fine too. Just make sure you having a good time & YES, it’s okay to take breaks in between photos when the DJ plays your favorite song! 😉

10. Take a moment to breathe & ENJOY


Your wedding day will go by so quickly. The best advice I can give you is while you are eating dinner, sit back, hold hands with your new husband (OMG! You’re married!!!) & take a look around. Take a deep breath in & look at all of your hard work. Look at all of your centerpieces, your flowers, your cake, and especially all of your friends & family who are present with you! Months and months of planning, waiting for this exact moment! It’s so exciting.

Soak it all in & enjoy.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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