Maldonado Family

Loved working with this little family of 3. Sophia is such a cutie! Mom & dad decided that water photos were a must. Sophia loves the water & what better way to celebrate Summer!


Love that little smile. & don’t worry, mama was behind holding her girl. It just looks like Sophia is really high up, but she isn’t 😉


Did you know that the San Pedro Springs Park is the 2nd oldest park in the United States. I had no idea! So many cute spots at this park.


I joked around with April, that this is what we get for having Summer babies! It means we have to take our yearly photos during some of the hottest months of the year! Well, what better way to end a session, then IN THE WATER! Sophia, loves the water, so after our session, we headed to the San Pedro Springs Pool. It’s free btw! It officially closes for the Summer August 13th. So if you haven’t been, take a trip & check it out.



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