Peña Family

Loved working with this little family of 3!

The day was a little warm, but they were troopers! If you are wanting to take family portraits during the Summer, don’t let the heat scare you away. The key is to stay hydrated with lots of cold water!

 We were able to take so many beautiful portraits. So excited to share these. I loved baby Levi’s smile! He is SO adorable! I’m so happy I had the chance to meet this wonderful family & work with them. I had such a great time!


That baby smile tho!


I love this little spot at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. Two rocking chairs under a beautiful, shaded tree. I love these photos. Life with a baby can be extremely busy & it really does go by so fast, but for just this moment, they were able to sit & relax all together. Those moments, need to be photographed & remembered. They really are precious moments.




Love these two photos with daddy. That eyebrow scrunch is too cute!


Something about this!! I love it!


Beautiful!! A mother/son relationship is so special.


Another fave of mine!


Of course, I had to capture photos of just Laura & Luis together. Before they were “mom & dad”, they were Laura & Luis and still are. It’s so important to have that couple time, even with the hustle of being a parent. 🙂


You two are beautiful together!


Something about this! Love it.


Of course, a photo of just mama! You’re gorgeous Laura!


Thank you Peña Family for picking me to photograph your beautiful family. Loved working with the 3 of you.



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