When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

As July begins to get closer & closer, I can’t help but reflect back on this past year.

Isla has changed me in so many ways. If I’m being honest, I really didn’t think I would experience motherhood. Maybe it’s because Ivan & I were used to our lives as a family of 2 & we began to be okay with the fact that maybe children weren’t in our plans. But of course, when we received our little surprise, well, it was the best surprise ever.


I think the most I have missed from my ‘pre-baby’ life, is the independence. Editing marathons, not having to look over my shoulder a million times per day to make sure Isla isn’t sticking a leaf or paper or doggie ears in her mouth, being able to head to the gym at 2pm (my favorite time bc it’s totally empty), SLEEPING A FULL 8 HOURS WITHOUT INTERRUPTION. No, really. How do we survive with such little sleep? Sometimes, I’ll tell Ivan, how have I been able to function these past 10 months? I have no idea, but somehow you get through it & honestly, it just becomes a way of life.

Yes, I do miss certain things from pre-baby life, then again … I don’t. I kinda don’t mind, not sleeping a full 8 hours of sleep anymore, because I guess I’m just used to it now. What is sleep??? I don’t mind editing various times throughout the day or the week, if that means I can play with her while she’s up & cuddle with her when it’s her nap time. And while I probably have to go visit the chiropractor soon for the crick in my neck, I don’t mind looking over my shoulder at her constantly, because it means she’s here with me while I’m working & that makes me so happy.

I get asked at least 2 to 3x a week, since she’s been born-

  1. Is she a good baby?  Yes, but all babies are good babies. I mean, what makes a baby ‘bad’? That they are colicky? That they have food allergies? That they don’t sleep throughout the night? I really don’t understand that question. But I mean, sure, she’s a good baby. It’s not like she’s robbed a bank or anything. So yea, she’s great. Lol.
  2. Is she sleeping through the night? When it came to this question,  I used to think I was doing something wrong. I would answer, “No, she isn’t. She wakes up a couple of times throughout the night.” & in response, I would get a sad face 😦 or a “Oh no, you poor thing.” Then I would think to myself, am I doing it wrong?? Are babies supposed to sleep throughout the night??  Even my pediatrician said at Isla’s 6 month appointment, that I need to stop nursing at night, just have dad go in & pat her on the back, give her a sippy cup of water. Um, how about no. Lol. Well, needless to say, I started doing my research on sleeping through the night & I came to the realization of 2 things. First of all, a baby grows inside mama for 9, even close to 10 months. What would make us believe that at 3, 4, 5, 6 months- baby needs to be sleeping throughout an entire night? Do YOU sleep throughout the night? Do you ever need to get up to go potty or get yourself a glass of water because you are super thirsty? What about snuggling up to your partner because you are cold? Okay, so what would make me believe that my 10 month old doesn’t have the same needs that we have as adults? Personally, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.


That being said, yes, Isla still nurses at night time, but I have noticed that she went from waking up 3 to 4 times a night (every night is different) to now, waking up 1 to 2 times a night. Last night (& for the past few days!) she woke up once. So, I have a feeling our nursing journey is soon to come to an end (& if you BF your child, you probably have an idea on how I am feeling about that). I was really wanting to make it to a year of BF, but if Isla decides she’s good at 10 or 11 months, I’ll be okay with that too. I guess. The other evening, Ivan told me, “remember how much you struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning, now you are a pro! For the next baby, you are going to be an expert.” I looked at him & said, “Aw… I know right? & wait, next one?? EXCUSE ME?” Haha!!

So talking about ‘the next one’. I get asked a lot if we will be giving Isla a little brother or a little sister. So if you are wondering, to that I will say, sure! I would absolutely LOVE to have another baby, but you know there is something called life. Lol. So, I’ll say, we’ll see. Also, if we did add baby cupcake #2, a little piece of me actually hopes it’s another girl. Even Ivan says the same thing. I guess, I’m thinking- wow, we can use all these awesome clothes again (it really is so much fun to dress Isla!) & also, I have 2 sisters and I love our relationship together. I would LOVE for Isla to experience the bond of having a sister. Then again, a brother would be cool too, but I never grew up with brothers, so to be honest, I have no idea what it’s like!


Here are some things, Miss. Isla has been all about lately:

  • No teeth yet (but I’m pretty sure one is on it’s way!)
  • She is standing alone for about 5 seconds before realizing what’s happening & landing on her butt.
  • She took a step the other night. One step. I’m not ready! I’m not ready!!
  • I think it’s safe to say Isla will not be having curly hair like her mama. I don’t even see a wave in there.
  • Talking about waving, she’s waving goodbye now!
  • She also gives kisses. She knows them as ‘besos’ & ‘besitos chiquitos’.
  • When I ask her, “donde están tus perritos??” (where are your doggies??”) She looks around, waiting for them to appear, she’ll even pucker & smack her lips to call them over.
  • She’s been getting into EVERYTHING. She needs to touch everything, put everything in her mouth & I’m constantly telling her, ‘eso no Isla!!’
  • & as you can tell, we have been talking to her in Spanish and english. So I’m really hoping that she will pick up on Spanish words. I wish I could speak Spanish all the time around here (my husband could easily do that), but you know, my first language is English & it just comes naturally to speak English. I really am trying to speak more Spanish at home though, because I REALLY want Isla to be able to communicate with her grandparents. Not just understand, but also speak it. That’s very important to us.
  • When she needs something, she’ll yell out, ‘mamamamamamamamamama!!’ until I respond, look at at her, pick her up, etc. So yes, it has begun!
  • Recently, she has started to bounce when she hears music, so of course that is super exciting for her music loving parents.

 There are so many other motherhood blog posts I would love to post. I actually have a couple sitting in my draft folder, just waiting for the publish button to be pushed.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m being too personal with these types of blog posts, but it is what it is. This is life. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading y’all.

Xo, Abi

Isla’s 9 month portraits were taken by Nancy Berger Photography 🙂

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