Sylvia + Vincent| Engagement Session

Loved working with Vincent & Sylvia. It is always a privilege to photograph a fellow photographer! Sylvia is a very talented photographer & the owner of Sylvia De Leon Photography! This wonderful couple drove 2 hours to San Antonio to work with me! I am truly honored. Vincent & Sylvia are High School sweethearts & have been together for the past 13 years! So excited for them to begin their new chapter as husband & wife.


It was a gorgeous day at The Pearl!


One of my favorite spots at The Pearl. I love the surrounding light.


Of course we had to add their fur baby, Sam, in a couple of photos, how handsome is he in his bow tie? Loved that! Sam is 10 years old & he did so well! He didn’t even need treats to stick the pose! Love the Sylvia had to get on her tip toes to kiss Vincent, too cute.


Sam was loving the cuddles from mom & dad.


& of course I had to get a few of Sam by himself. Sylvia, I hope you print this photo of your fur baby. He deserves his own canvas! He look so handsome.


Loving this one!


I love how much The Pearl has expanded!


I’ve never shot in this little area before. I loved the light here.


This one tho.


I stepped outside my comfort zone for these next 3 photos, just to try something new. I loved the result.


Something about this…


I love when my couples are playful. Sometimes I’ll ask them to just pull away from each other & shake their booties. No, really! Lol. This is right after Sylvia did that. It just helps my couples get out of that posing zone & relax. It works!


I love capturing my couples just being themselves. It’s the best. No posing, just them.




Always looking for those fun & natural shots!!


Can we talk about Sylvia’s ring for a second? Actually, let’s not talk. There are no words. Let’s just stop & admire it…2017-05-09_0041

Still admiring!!!


I love the outfits they chose. I love when my couples choose color!


When the wind comes at just the right time!


Something so romantic about these!


Just lovely & absolutely dreamy.


Thank you Sylvia & Vincent for an amazing session! I had a BLAST working with the two of you (& Sam)!

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