De La Rosa Family

I was so happy to hear from Carina. She was planning a photo session for her honey’s family, how sweet is that? I was looking forward to working with the De La Rosa family for the past few months. I have seen Carina at past weddings that I have photographed & when I saw her sister in law, Araceli, I said- “hey, I know you!!” Araceli was a past bridesmaid for Alan & Janet (a past cupcake couple!)

 We wanted to try to incorporate Papa De La Rosa in some sort of way, so they brought along two family portraits from many years ago. I thought that was so special. A very thoughtful way to include their dad.

Just a mama & her babies


I really love the relationship Carina & her mother in law have. Reminded me of myself & my own mother in law. So sweet. 🙂


The light was so beautiful!


Such a cute photo! I love how mom is just cracking up!


I love asking mom for a solo photo. I think it’s so important to have a photo of just you, alone. It’s important for yourself, for your children & (future) grand-children.


Seriously? How cute are they!


Including their father in a family portrait was very important to them. I thought this was a very special way to include their father.


I asked for them to hug each other. Haha! Typical brothers!! Love it!


Quick outfit change & down to the river we go!


Of course, I had to get some shots of these two love birds!


The sunset was amazing!


Looking beautiful mama!! Loving that glow.


I love this photo so much. The women of the family.  I love their close bond. 2017-04-20_0050

Towards the end, they brought their fur babies along. So happy they decide to include them.


Thank you De La Rosa family, for a beautiful session.  I had a great time working with y’all. I felt like I had known all of you for years. Loved that.

Sweet comments make me happy.

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