White Sands, New Mexico

It sure does feel good to be home. If you follow me on social media, you came along on our trip to New Mexico. Our purpose to visit New Mexico was to visit Ivan’s grandmother. We really wanted her to meet Isla. I kept mentioning to Ivan, how blessed he was that his grandma gets to meet his first born. So special. The majority of our trip was spent with family. Everyone wanted to meet Isla. Most of Ivan’s family on his mom’s & dad’s side live in New Mexico & El Paso, so we tried our best to see as much family as we could (although, Ivan has a HUGE family, let me tell you!)

On Friday, Ivan mentioned that he wanted us 3, to visit White Sands, New Mexico.

I wasn’t very thrilled on the idea, in all honesty, I was like, “But there is so much sand & no ocean.” 😐 But of course, Ivan insisted & kept saying how much he knew I would love it.

Well, he was right! I am SO HAPPY that I agreed to go. I had no idea what to expect. Let me just say that they don’t call New Mexico, ‘the land of enchantment’ for nothing. 🙂 White Sands is a magical place. Acres & acres of white sand. You can see families sledding down hills of sand, others are sun bathing, some are having a picnic. I thought the sand would be burning hot from the sun. Weirdly, it was actually kinda cold when you would walk in it. It’s such a neat place. If you are traveling to New Mexico & definitely make plans to visit White Sands, it’s so worth it.

Here are a few photos we were able to take from our time there…

2017-03-22_00022017-03-22_00062017-03-22_00012017-03-22_00092017-03-22_00102017-03-22_00032017-03-22_00042017-03-22_00052017-03-22_0008 2017-03-22_0012

Thank you for reading. Until our next adventure.

xo, Abi

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