Q&A with Abi: Why do you love weddings so much?

I thought I would write a series of Q&A posts to help my future brides get to me a little better. These are questions that I get asked frequently & surprisingly, I’ve never written a blog post explaining more in detail. So here we go, a Q&A with little ol’ me.

Why do you love weddings so much?


Honestly, you can have the simplest wedding, every one deserves beautiful photographs & for their day to be captured for what it is. The next day after your wedding, you’ll try to remember your day & there will be bits & pieces that you remember clearly. There will also be parts of your wedding that will be a total blur. It happens! A wedding day goes by so quickly, it’s bittersweet! All the planning, the stress & then it’s all over in a blink of an eye. That’s where I step in! 🙂 I love every single detail that goes into a wedding. I was a bride myself, so I know exactly what it feels like.


I have photographed so many weddings over the years & at the end of the day, it’s not just the actual wedding day that makes my heart skip a beat; it’s the union of two families becoming one. That’s what I love!


Believe me, I love your gorgeous flowers, your dress will give me butterflies, I’ll tear up when your dad gives you away.  All of those sentimental details get to me. Every. Single. Time. It never fails.


Let’s not forget the reason for a wedding. Marriage! Marriage is wonderful! I truly enjoy being a wife & taking care of my family. It makes me so happy to see my brides starting their own families. I think that’s really special & I love being apart of that.




xo, Abi


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