Carter | Baby Bump Session

I love photographing baby bump portraits. Of course, they now have a special place in my heart, because of my own pregnancy. There is this little life growing inside of you with a tiny heart pumping away. It’s truly an amazing experience & is reason enough to be celebrated. I know a lot of soon to be mommy’s out there hold themselves back from taking maternity photos. The best advice I can give you is, don’t!! Don’t hold yourself back mama! I promise you, those photos will be golden when you look back at them. How beautiful it will be to show your babies, your own maternity photos & say, “look, you were in mommy’s tummy here!”

I had the opportunity to photograph my bestie a few weeks ago. This time was different though, because they have a little one on the way! It’s a photo session that we have talked about, countless of times. Year after year, we talked about her baby bump portraits & how exciting it would be to have our babies close together in age. You can imagine how thrilled I was to find out that she was expecting. I love this little family so much. I still can’t believe Lori was one of my brides at one point & how much our friendship has evolved throughout the years!

Take a look at her baby bump session, I think you’ll love it as much as I do!


Love this little family 🙂


L is for Lucas


We share a love for Freshly Picked Mocs!


The sun was hiding behind the clouds, it made a small appearance & then hid again. That’s okay though, because overcast skies are beautiful too.


Baby Lucas is going to be one gorgeous kid, with such good looking parents! 😉


Seriously, LOVE!!


Congratulations on your little one Lori & Chris!

Yasmin is going to be a wonderful big sister!! So excited to meet baby Lucas.

xo, abi

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