and I’m okay with that …

I won’t sit here and say that every aspect of motherhood has been simple. Some parts are definitely harder than others. Of course, everything you see on social media tends to blur the reality of motherhood. Sometimes, I’ll come across these Instagram accounts/blogs with these super stylish mamas, their kids are in the best clothes, their homes are immaculate & they look like they have their lives so put together.

Me, on the other hand, well, I look around & I have dishes in the sink, a huge pile of dirty laundry I need to get to, Gino & Bobbi are barking at a squirrel outside our window & Isla just had her 2nd blowout diaper of the day and I’m sporting the biggest mom bun on the planet. Nice. 🙂

Meanwhile, I have a wedding sitting on my iMac staring at me like, “C’mon Abi! Creativity awaits!!”, a baby bump session to sort through & countless emails to respond to. All while, trying to keep up with the constant demand of a teething child. Oh & let’s throw in the need to balance being a good wife, friend, daughter & sister. Also,  giving myself (I say giving myself, because what is up with the mom guilt y’all!?) the ability to work out for one hour 4x a week, so I can feel good- so I can have a healthy mind, body and for much needed energy. Whew. Oh my Goodness y’all. Motherhood can be overwhelming at times. Well, heck, LIFE can be overwhelming at times, period.


I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a perfect mom. I’m not a perfect wife. I’m not a perfect friend. I’m not a perfect business owner. I mean, duh right? We aren’t perfect, but why do we expect perfection out of ourselves? Sometimes, I find myself looking at the email that came in at 10 am & all of a sudden it’s 11 pm and I think to myself, “How is it 11 pm already?? Must get to that email soon.” But this is the truth y’all, motherhood has been a learning experience. It has to be. They don’t give you a learning manual at the hospital. They don’t sit down with you & say, “look, there are going to be days where you just need to go to the McDonalds drive through order yourself a medium order of fries & a coke, take a breath & say, “okay…today sucked, but tomorrow will be better!” … (true story). You pop this kid out, they hand the kid to you & say, “here you go, you are now a parent! Congrats! Thank you & goodbye. “Wait, what? What just happened!?

This is what I’m doing though. I’m taking it one day at a time.

I’m learning to be OKAY with dishes in the sink. I’m learning to be OKAY about the pile of dirty laundry. I’m learning to be OKAY with not answering emails & texts at the very second they come through. I’m learning to be OKAY with editing at 12 am while Isla is asleep. I’m learning to be OKAY with taking an hour of my day, to go to the gym & get my sweat on. I’m learning to be OKAY with telling friends I can’t have lunch during the week, because Isla is in a mood. I’m learning to be OKAY with planning date nights months in advance. I’m learning to be OKAY in the skin I’m currently in.  I’m learning to be OKAY with the fact that I’m not a perfect mom, nor will I ever be a perfect mom. 🙂

& I’m okay with that.

All I can do is try my best.

So for all my mama friends out there, just try your best. You are doing great! Pat yourself on the back, because you have survived! You have survived another day of motherhood 🙂

xo, Abi


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