Isla is 6 months

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed I stopped doing the chalkboard monthly photos. You guys, I had to. First of all, the weeks were flying & I was way behind. Second, they were actually making me really sad because I felt like I had *just* taken photos of her & there I was again, taking her monthly photos AGAIN. It was really bringing me down. So now, I’m trying to take more every day photos of her, instead of just the monthly photos with the specific theme. I know, mom fail. Whatever. It is what it is. Lol!

My 6 pound 14 oz baby has now turned into a 16 pounder.


Her personality is truly starting to shine. It’s made me so happy see how much she’s growing. Of course, it’s bittersweet y’all. I mean, I love seeing her hit all her milestones & at the time time- it makes me sad that my little baby is growing. 6 months have passed by already & she’s changed so much already.


Things she loves:

Smiling & laughing

Bobbi & Gino (she’s obsessed with them!)

Her walker & she’s literally running in it now. Haha!


The park swing

Her Binkie aka her pacifier


The theme song to ‘Gilmore Girls’ … this one is my fault. Lol!

When daddy comes home from work (mommy loves that too!)

Her lovey (her stuffed pink elephant)

Growling (she’s been making the funniest noises lately! Sounds like a little bear.)

Things she hates:

The sun (haha!!)

Tummy time

Her carseat

When she isn’t being carried 😐

Naps (she’ll regret this when she’s an adult & all she wants is a nap!)

When mommy leaves the room


The doctor gave us the okay for Isla to start tasting food at 5 months. I decided to wait until the 5th month was coming to an end to start introducing food to her. She gets so excited though when she sees us eating! Now that her 6th month has begun, I’ve decided to skip the pureed baby food & get her started on whatever we are eating. She’s still nursing, but she gets to have her little taste of food here & there. Usually whatever I make for dinner, she’ll have a little taste of that. It’s been great so far & it’s been working well for our family.

Food she has tasted:

Butternut squash

Sweet potato

Acorn squash




Mashed potatoes

Scrambled eggs

Ground turkey



I’m still waiting for her hair to get curly. I had super curly hair at her age & Ivan has always had wavy hair, but maybe our little beauty is going to have straight hair instead. Who knows! My hair changed at about a year. It used to stick straight up & then all of a sudden I had curls (this is how my mom describes it!)

I’ve been having so much fun with her. The other day, I took her to the park & she was able to swing in the baby swing. She was holding on with one hand & giggling. She’s also able to sit up in a high chair, which means more lunch outings! Yay!

She brings so much joy to my life, our life. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much in my life.

Sweet comments make me happy.

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