Robert + Cindy | Engagement Session

I truly believe that in order to have a successful marriage, a husband & wife must be the closest of friends. Well after a 10 year friendship, Cindy & Robert decided to hang out, except this time it was different. They both felt something more than just a friendship & a beautiful relationship began. Two months later they were engaged  & now they are planning a Spring wedding in Georgetown, Texas!

I loved working with Cindy & Robert. They are such a wonderful couple! I seriously could have spent hours talking to Cindy & photographing the two of them. If it wasn’t for the sun going down, I probably would have! I’ve always found cloudy, overcast skies to be incredibly romantic. The air was fresh, the sky was gray and for a moment it almost didn’t feel like Texas. Towards the end of our session we were blessed with sunshine & we had the most gorgeous sunset for their photos.

Take a look at their beautiful engagement portraits, I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

This tree is one of my favorites. I just love how whimsy it looks!


Sweet kisses are the best 🙂


Loving this black & white…


As you can see, Robert was really getting into the photos! Lol! Loving that smile though, especially with Cindy by his side! 😀


Something about this one…


An open field all to ourselves, yes please!


Another fave of mine. I was totally hiding in the grass during this photo. Haha!


Work it Cindy 😉


Loving these! Every couple should have this much fun during their portraits!!


The Nature Center was so lonely, really enjoyed that!


Seriously, love this one!


This light, you can tell the sun is wanting to say hello during these …


Another fave of mine!


So pretty!


Hello sunshine!


This sunset though. Swoon.


I usually wouldn’t make a black & white so moody like this, but this really speaks to me. I love this one so much!


You two are beautiful together.


Thank you Cindy & Robert for a beautiful photo session. I had the greatest time working with the two of you. I wish you a lifetime of happiness & love.


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