Anthony + Maegan | Engagement Session

I’m so excited to finally share Anthony & Maegan’s engagement session. Their wedding is right around the corner & I am really looking forward to their special day. It will be my first wedding back from my maternity leave & I’m so ready for it! Originally, Anthony & Maegan decided that I would just photograph their wedding day, but a few weeks ago, Maegan sent me a text asking if I were up to taking their engagement portraits after all…

Ummm, YEA! 😀

I sure did miss shooting, that’s for sure!

There is nothing like photographing a couple in love! I found myself smiling like the biggest nerd their entire session (& while editing too!) Their chemistry is on point
& can we talk about how cute their fur baby is!? ADORABLE!

I couldn’t decide which photos I love more. I love them all!


You guys, seriously? You two are so cute.


Oh, you cute.


Something about this photo, I just LOVE it!


I haven’t photographed at The Pearl Brewery is a good while. It’s changed so much! I wanted to explore more towards the Hotel Emma side & I am happy that we did. You almost don’t feel like you are in San Antonio!


& can we just take a minute to applaud their couple style? Loving their outfits!


This ivy wall was everything.


While we were photographing on this bridge, I thought we were totally alone. When I turned around, there was a large group of tourists waiting to cross. Lol! My bad. It was worth the wait you guys, thank you! I mean, look at this light. Look at them! 🙂


Because, shoes. ❤


They needed a cute family photo. I love how Paisley is looking at her parents. Too cute!


This photo had me cracking up!! Look at Paisley’s expression! Lol!!

“You guys are embarrassing me, once again!!” – Paisley


Let’s take a moment to admire Maegan’s ring … GORGEOUS!


At the very spot where Anthony proposed. So pretty!!


The light here was glorious. Their 2nd outfit change was wonderful; loving the Fall colors!


At the end of our shoot, we stopped by Bakery Lorraine for a sweet treat.


Maegan & Anthony, you two rocked your engagement session.

Can’t wait for your wedding 😉

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