Q&A with Abi: What are 3 words to describe your style?

I thought I would write a Q&A post to help my future brides & clients get to know me & my style a little better. These are questions that I get asked frequently & surprisingly, I’ve never written a blog post explaining more in detail. So here we go, a little Q&A with little ol’ me!

What are three words to describe your style?

Every photographer has their own style. You can put a dozen photographers in a room & ask them to photograph the same subject. I can guarantee you, every single one of those photographers will photograph differently. I’ve always found that to be interesting!

Clean. Romantic. Fun.

Clean– I love clean photographs, this includes clean editing. Nothing crazy, no airbrush finish, no body warping, no T-Rex running behind you! 😛  I want your photos to stand the test of time. Classic, clean & timeless. In my opinion, simplicity is bliss.

Clean edits make a classic & timeless photo!


Romantic– I’m just a girl in love with love. Everything about romance I love. As a teenager, I loved the idea of falling in love, being in love & consequently, had my heart broken a couple of times. Now as an adult, I still think falling in love is an extra special time, but what’s extra special is staying in love. When I photograph a couple, whether they are engaged or married, I love asking how the two of them met, how did they become engaged, what made the two of them fall in love to begin with, etc. Sometimes, I feel extra nosy asking all these questions, but I love seeing how extra giddy my couples get when they start to talk about how they first met & how they fell in love. Truly, there is nothing like it! My ultimate goal is for you to look at your photographs & let out a big, wonderful, ‘sigh’ – insert all the heart eyed emojis here.

I have to admit, my favorite portraits are those where my couples are not looking directly into the camera. My favorite portraits are the ones where you are walking together holding hands, holding each other, giving each other sweet kisses, those are the photos that I adore!

Hold hands, hold each other, don’t be afraid of affection! 


Guys, don’t be afraid to be romantic with your girl. She’ll love you for it!


Fun– A photo session should be fun! It’s a thing in the past to have the family portrait sitting perfectly, staring into the distance (Remember Olan Mills? I do. My mom just loved to have us match perfectly!) My sessions are meant to be fun & my goal is for you to genuinely laugh together & have a great time. Remember, I’ll be laughing with you, not at you!  😉 Okkkk, sometimes, at you 😛 Lol! A lot of my couples start their sessions feeling nervous, that’s totally normal! At the end of your session though, I guarantee you’ll be leaving with a big smile on your face & so will I!


Laughing is good for the soul! 


One thought on “Q&A with Abi: What are 3 words to describe your style?

  1. Abi, when I see Katie and Addison’s engagement photos I always remember the fun they had that day. You immediately put them at ease. Friends comment on how great their photos are. That’s because they had an amazing photographer!❤ I love all of their photos, but the one dancing by the river is my favorite.


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