Baby Cupcake | Hello 3rd Trimester

Catching up? Read about my 1st Trimester & 2nd Trimester.

Week 27

I am officially in the 3rd trimester. Time goes by way too fast. I’m excited, but I’m nervous. I’m looking forward to these next 3 months, because it means I’m one step closer to meeting my little lady. I am so nervous to become a mom! I don’t know what to expect. My plan is to just go with the flow. So far, I’m feeling okay. My body is starting to feel heavier from the weight gain. I basically feel like a 99 year old woman when I get up in the morning! Haha!


Can we talk about this heartburn? 4. Days. In. A. Row. 4 DAYS STRAIGHT of heartburn. I mean, why? WHY!? Of course, I am not taking medicine right now, so I basically have had a Topo Chico in my hand at all times.

Week 28

One of my challenges during my first trimester was accepting weight gain. I couldn’t get it out of my head that the scale would be going up. That for the past few years of me finally getting to a healthy & stable weight- wouldn’t matter at all for the next several months as I continue to grow this little baby. Rightly so, because her health & growth comes first. I gained 20 pounds within my first & second trimester. I feel really good about that. Slow & steady weight gain. My biggest concern is health. My 2nd trimester was wonderful, but now that I have entered my 3rd, those insecure feelings are beginning to creep up again.

Especially when I receive comments like, “Oh wow, you’ve gotten so much bigger!” … “Are you sure you are gong to make it to your due date??” …

I’ve even be told to “be careful” while I’m in the middle of eating. Yes, to be careful not to gain”too much weight”. Mind you, I was eating a turkey sandwich with a side salad. 😐

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I hear these types of comments frequently. What bugs me is that I’ve been so active during this pregnancy. My weight gain & most importantly, Isla’s growth has been right on track.

My question is,

Why do people feel the need to even comment on the size of a woman’s baby bump?

Is it my imagination or is this MY BODY?

If I weren’t pregnant, would you feel the need to mention the size of my tummy then or other body parts? 😐 No. Well, I hope the answer is no.

  I don’t think people think when they say comments like that, it’s just not very nice.  Actually very incredibly hurtful. I know I’m not the only prego that has gone through this. Now that I’m in my 3rd trimester, I can’t help but think back on those 1st trimester feelings. To be honest, I’m trying my very best to be balanced & enjoy every aspect of this pregnancy. Yes, even the tough parts. It is what it is. Balance is key. Yes, I enjoy a burger on the weekend, but I also love my daily fruit smoothie.  For now, I am embracing my fluffier arms & carbs.

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So I had 2 weddings in a row. One on a Friday & another on a Sunday. Both weddings were gorgeous. The Friday wedding was a little tough, because the humidity was off the charts, but the lovely family I had the privilege of working with, made that all worth while! I was constantly being checked on.

“Go and eat!” … “Are you drinking water?” … “Go get a slice of cake!” … “You need to take a break” …

Seriously, made me laugh each time. So sweet. I’m telling you, being a prego photographer has it’s perks at times. Thankfully, I was totally okay & Friday’s wedding with Katie & Addison was a dream for me.

Sunday’s wedding was an intimate al fresco wedding. Another wonderful, down to earth couple, that I loved working with. The weather was wonderful, breezy, if you could believe that! May & breezy!? Say what?? 😀 I packed my 2 giant water bottles & my snacks and survived another wedding at 28 weeks. At the end of the night, my groom served me a giant slice of cake. & seriously it was giant. I’m like,” Jared, I’m not eating for 5!!” Haha! Made me laugh! Two more weddings to go! Ah!!

Week 29

You guys, we were able to see Isla today on her 3D sonogram today. She looks so adorable. So here is what we know from what we have seen so far:

  1. She’s a little firecracker. I think she gets that from me 🙂 She pretends she’s camera shy & likes to hide her face by crossing her arms over her face, yet as soon as the sonogram tech stopped looking at her, she went right back to kicking me! When the technician went back to checking again, Isla was smiling! Gums & all! Then she stuck her tongue out at us 😛
  2. When I was a baby/toddler, instead of being a thumb sucker, I would suck on my index & middle finger. I thought I had seen her sucking on those same very fingers & when I asked, the sono tech said YES! That melted my heart.
  3. At one point, she puckered up her lips & we were able to get a picture of her doing that. It was the cutest. The tech kept mentioning  how big her pout was! Can’t wait to see those little puckered lips!!
  4. While we were trying to get her to cooperate with us (she was being a diva!), she finally lowered her arms, all of a sudden Ivan goes, “wait a minute, what did she just do!?” … we all stared at the screen. Omg, she did it again! You guys, we caught her licking the placenta! The technician laughed & said, “How cute!! It’s a little snack!” … Ivan & I were mortified/in denial. LOL! Jk. That was really dramatic. Really though, we found it hilarious/mortifying!

One more wedding down y’all. I think all these extra hormones are making me extra sappy, because the wedding on Saturday was AMAZING. It was my first time meeting Kerynn & Travis on their actual wedding day. I was a little nervous, but we connected right away & their wedding was absolutely gorgeous.


I knew photographing 4 wedding weekends in a row would not be easy. Especially since I have been feeling so heavy lately. Not even fatigued. Just heavy!

On my way, I would pray for me to have the energy and strength to give my bride & groom the best I could possibly give to them on such an important day. I usually do this for all of my weddings, but especially now that I am expecting. I guess because, you just never know. You can get nauseated all of a sudden, you need to stay hydrated, you need to make sure you eat, you need comfortable shoes so you don’t get charlie horses in the middle of the reception, haha! Thankfully though, I haven’t had any issues & I am so thankful for that. One more wedding to go & LOTS of editing to do!

Week 30

So I had signed up for a Breastfeeding class  and I ended up not going. I know, I know. Honestly, I didn’t go because the day of the class I felt horrible. I was so tired, my body hurt, I was still recovering from Saturday’s wedding & I had the next wedding on my mind. It was just a bad day. So I started doing my own research & reading. Lots of reading. I’ve talked to a lot of friends who tell me, “you can read all the books you want, you will never know what your experience will be.” I’m a true believer in this. I am. So then I decided to get on YouTube & look up videos. Everyone tells me that it hurts. I have had friends tell me really good experiences & others tell me horrible experiences. I get asked a lot if I plan to breastfeed. Yes, I do. I truly want to & I really hope that it works out for Isla & myself. In my mind, I am 100% determined to do so, but I also don’t have any expectations. I know it’s going to be difficult at times & I guess you can say, I am mentally preparing myself for it. Just like labor :/ Lol!

Our last wedding before taking my maternity break was LOVELY! Had so much fun working with Erica & Daniel.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Sleeping well is starting to get more difficult. I turn to my right side- that side falls asleep, I turn to the other side- Isla creeps up to my ribs. Ouch! That’s how I am back & forth all night. Oh & I get up to pee 3x a night. Lol. Yea, TMI. So when people tell me, “get all the sleep that you can!” … Really? Because I’m really trying to, but my bladder won’t allow it! Lol!

Week 31

This weekend is our Baby shower. Ah!! So excited! It’s a “Mexican Baby Fiesta”. I’m just going to be honest with  you, when my mom asked me what I had in mind for Isla’s shower, I told her, “Mom, I just want to chill! Good food & margaritas!” My mom looked at me & says, “Margaritas?? You can’t even drink!” … Seriously though, why should my friends suffer because I’m not drinking? That’s not fair to them. Lol! & to be honest with you, I’m not one to complain about not drinking. Sure, I love a glass of wine here & there & shoot, I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t thought about an ice cold margarita after shooting a wedding- LOL! But it’s all good, it’s only for 9 months & maybe a little longer after that. I’ll be A-OK! 😉

So, my mom threw us an awesome shower & it was honestly, everything I had imagined a Baby Fiesta to be.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

So, I am officially on my maternity break from weddings. For the longest time, I kept going back & forth if I should continue to shoot weddings while in my 8th & 9th month of pregnancy. After many conversations & lots of prayer, we both decided I would use my last two months to rest, nest & edit (there is so much to edit, it’s beyond insane at this point). As much as it hurt my heart to recommend potential brides to other photog friends, I knew it would be for the best. My next wedding is in November of this year & I know once November comes around, I’m going to be so ready to get back into shooting weddings.

Week 32

32 weeks & still trying to stay as active as possible. I think it’s safe to say that my workouts are officially done until after Isla is here. 😦 That’s okay though, I know I’ll be more than ready to get back to it soon enough.


We had so much fun working with Kate Pease Photography in Dallas, Texas. You can see a few of our baby bump portraits here! 

When we decided to travel to Dallas, so my friend Kate can take our baby bump photos- I just knew traveling to work with her would be worth it! You guys, tears literally filled my eyes when she sent over a few of the film scans from our session. This is another chapter we will be adding to our love story. These photos help to tell our story.


On our way back to San Antonio, we stopped at The Magnolia Market Silos in Waco. We LOVE the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. Such an inspiring place. We did a little shopping & ate delicious food at the nearby food trucks.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Week 33

We finally ordered our baby furniture. I’m so happy with our decision. Can’t wait to see it in our home. I’ve noticed that I have been feeling really anxious lately. My nesting radar is on high alert right now. Our kitchen table is PACKED with baby things. That also makes me anxious.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My craving this week has been chocolate milk. OMG. I cannot get enough!! 🙂 I casually mentioned this to Ivan during a soccer game & Ivan went on a craving run. & he bought my favorite gelato too. That sweet man of mine.

So what’s been going on in Isla land?

“So, is it IZLA” … “No, actually it’s Isla, the S is silent.” … “So, it’s IZLA?”

“Why did you spell it with an S if it’s silent?” … “Because that’s the way Isla is spelled & that’s what we loved about it.” … “But it doesn’t make sense.”

“So, is it IZLA in spanish?” … “No, it’s Isla in spanish. It’s the same in english & spanish” … “Oh, but there’s an S in it. Would you mind if I called her IZLA?”

I totally get it. There is an S in Isla. Yes, we are weird. Yes, you say Isla the same in English & Spanish. That’s what we love about it. We have come to find out that some really love it & some really hate the name. & that’s okay 🙂

Week 34

Ivan’s mama & sisters threw us a wonderful & super cute baby shower!

So grateful & appreciative for all the love we received. I had so much fun & everything turned out so nice. I was especially happy to see cupcakes were on the sweets table 😉

& yes, we are officially showered out! Lol!!

We had THREE baby showers! THREE!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I always tell Ivan, Isla is so loved & people don’t even know her yet! It’s crazy, but Ivan & I haven’t purchased anything for her. Not one thing. I can’t even look through her items & say, oh yes, we bought this & this for her (besides the Nikes I bought months ago). The amount of clothes she has is ridiculous & the girl already has more shoes than I do. I’m not kidding! & we all know, I have a lot of shoes.

 We are just so thankful!

Week 35

Hello Nesting! Yes, the nesting bug has officially hit. My mom came over this week, to make sure the furniture delivery went smoothly. I’m so grateful to my parents who gifted Isla her dresser & crib. Also, to my sister who bought us an awesome lazy boy/rocker, because seriously, sitting on the sofa is killing my back. Well, once everything was delivered & put together. My mom & I started organizing all of Isla’s baby things. I had a giant pile of items on my kitchen table. All of it was, at one point, in the corner of our room. So I had no choice but to store everything on the kitchen table. Well, my mom & I went in full nesting mode. For a one bedroom apartment, we found a place for every single item. How awesome is that? A lot of friends were asking if we planned to move to a bigger place. At this moment, no, I don’t think so & we never really felt that need to do so.

I am big on keeping life simple & I’m a huge advocate that everything must have a place. I can’t stand clutter. No let me rephrase that, we cannot stand clutter. So, we’ll see how we do once Isla starts spreading her toys around. Lol! Once we were done with that, my mom started cleaning & vacuuming. I mopped 🙂 & then we tackled the downstairs storage, where I had put clothes that I’m not going to wear/fit into until next Summer (I pray!) & clothes that just aren’t working for me anymore, along with things that we would like to keep, but can’t because of lack of space. I went back & forth carrying boxes to my mom’s truck, as much to my mom’s dismay. Lol! You guys, by the time we were done, my feet looked like russet potatoes! LOL! I’m not kidding. It was not cute. Even my mom freaked out & made me lay down with my feet propped up. I felt totally fine, but laughed at my mom who was saying, “Shhh…shhhh… it’s okay. It’s okay! It’s going to be okay”, as she was rubbing my legs. Lol. I just looked at her & couldn’t help but laugh. She was telling me that, but I really think she meant it for herself. HAHA!

After spending an entire day doing an editing marathon (9am to 10pm), my body was killing me from sitting all day, not too mention, I’ve been getting some swelling. I decided to head to my parents pool & go swimming. This is my one & only time that I can be in a bikini & not be body conscious. Haha!  The pool made me feel so much better! My body felt weightless in the water & that’s a nice feeling. 😛

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So a group of Ivan’s guy friends took him out for a day of fun/diaper man shower. Literally an entire day. He left at 3 pm & pretty much ended the night, well I’ll just say really late.  Lol. While he was out, I went out with a group of my girl friends to a restaurant on South Alamo, called Feast. Omg. It was amazing. I hadn’t done a GNO in forever! It felt nice to get all dolled up (it’s seriously getting harder to figure out what to wear now a days!) & go out with my friends. But you guys, by the end of our night out, my feet went from fat little sausages, back to looking like russet potatoes! OMG & they hurt too! I’m blaming it all on the activity from the day before. After our dinner, I met up with my baby daddy & we spent the rest of the evening together with our friends. Such a great memory & a great time.

I have to tell my friends that we love y’all so much & are so happy you are on this journey with us. No, really, you are our tribe, our village & we are so grateful. Y’all keep it real. Tell us how it is. Make us laugh & give the best advice. We seriously love y’all.

Week 36

The only thing getting me out of my home these days has been the promise of food 🙂 If I *have* to go somewhere, I make sure I plan it around a great lunch. It’s just the way things go around here. Haha!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So, our birth classes have officially ended. Do I feel prepared?

Absolutely not. Lol!

Basically, we watched videos of births without epidurals & even a C-section. We also went through the stages of labor, what to expect during contractions, etc. Then we practiced our breathing & partner connection. Ivan kept cracking me up during these exercises. So they really bring out how your partner/spouse is your go to coach. There was a one point where we needed to sit across from each other, on the floor, and look into each others eyes to connect. Then our spouse was responsible to give us good coaching words, like “You’re doing great!” … “You can do this!” … etc.

& I don’t know why but I could not stop laughing & neither could he. He started by saying, “You are so beautiful!” … “I’m so proud of you!” … “You are so strong!” … “You is kind, you is smart …”  LOL. LOST IT! Seriously!? He makes me laugh so much! (That line is from a movie btw!) Hopefully, I’ll be laughing in the delivery room, but just in case, I’m going to make sure my nails are extra sharp that day. Haha!! 😛

Week 37

This week I started getting my hospital bag ready to go. I’m basically packing my entire house. The only 2 things I’m not taking are my fur-children, haha!


Here are some items in my hospital bag:

Boppy pillow, pillows, blanket, slippers, robe, socks, car seat, baby outfit, blankie, going home outfit for mom, camera, batteries, memory card, tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, face wash, dry shampoo, towel, moisturizer, hair ties, chapstick, gum/mints, hospital paperwork, essential oils, body oil, deep blue by Doterra, roller ball for labor,  along with other things + personal items that are TMI & I don’t want to over share/scare anyone 😛

I told you I packed the house. I’m a huge believer in over preparing as you can see! Even had to go get a pedicure. If you know me, you know that chipped nail polish makes me sad. No really, it does. I can’t deal with it. So, this pedi better last by the time Isla arrives!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Week 38 – 40 will be on another post.

At this point, I can’t believe I’m 2 weeks out. I mean, seriously??

xo, Abi

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  1. This blog entry is everything. I love that you’ll be able to look back and know exactly what your experience was every single week! Can’t wait to meet Isla. Love you both 💜

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