Baby Cupcake: Our Baby Bump Portraits

The morning of our session, we went downstairs for breakfast before heading out to our shoot & my friend Kate sent me a text. She said, “Have you seen the weather?” … I looked outside the window from our table & was like, “oh wow…there’s a hurricane going on outside!” … you guys, I was unusually calm. Maybe it was because I was still in zombie mode from the lack of sleep or maybe I was so entranced by the bagel I was eating. I told Kate not to worry & that if we couldn’t take them- I totally understood. I mean, you guys, there was a hurricane going on. Seriously 😛 But Kate was like, “No way! We are taking them today!!”



 I honestly left the location completely up to Kate. I trusted her blindly to be honest. I knew she knew what I had wanted. Something outdoors & green, those were my only requests. After a few texts back & forth, we decided to meet at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens. We were just going to have to play it by ear & see if it was raining just as hard in that area. Texas weather is something else. The struggle for us Texas photographers is so real. Well once Ivan & I arrived, it was still drizzling. I didn’t think much of to be honest. I didn’t mind getting drizzled on, but I also didn’t want to jeopardize Kate’s gear, especially since she would be shooting our session on film. Kate had a backup plan just in case the gardens didn’t work out & I trusted her vision for our session. Well, once Kate arrived, it completely stopped raining! YAY!


It was so good to see Kate after an entire year! We met while attending Jasmine Star’s wedding bootcamp in San Francisco last year. It’s awesome to have a friend in the wedding industry, who knows the struggles of being a small business owner. I have always admired Kate’s work & I really wanted to work with her!


We had the BEST time. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous at all. I felt giddy if anything. That’s the best way to describe it. I was just so excited & it was kind of surreal. We are actually going to be meeting our little girl in just a few weeks. I still can’t believe it. These photos just make me so insanely happy.




On our way to Dallas, I told Ivan, “I know this trip will be worth it. I know these photos will be everything I have always imagined for our baby bumps to be.” You guys, tears literally filled my eyes when she sent over a few of the film scans from our session. This is another chapter we will be adding to our love story. These are photos that I will show Isla Sofia and say, “you were in mommy’s tummy in these photos.”

 Kate thank you. Thank you for such an incredible experience. I will never forget it. Thank you for capturing such a wonderful time in our lives.

Photos by Kate Pease Photography

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