Michelle | Graduation Session

Looking through Michelle’s photos, I kept asking myself, “who is this young lady!?” … She’s all grown up! I still see her as that adorable little 9 year old, I first met while her uncle & I were dating. Yes, that’s right, this lovely grad is my niece! I have been looking forward to her photo session for years!  I am so incredibly proud of her for finishing this stage in her life & now, she’s moving on to a new journey. I am so excited for her. We all are. She has evolved into a beautiful young lady.

She loves reading & all things vintage, so we had to be sure to incorporate that into her session. We were praying for no rain & would you believe, it actually started raining during her photos? We just so happen to be under tall canopy trees, so we continued to shoot. Thankfully, the rain cloud eventually moved right along! Yay! 🙂

I’m so proud of you Michelle! I hope you love your graduation portraits, as much as I loved taking them. You have evolved into a beautiful young woman. When I was editing your photos, I would occasionally look over at my bookcase. On our bookcase, there is a photo that I have of you & your cousins, all under the age of 10, my adorable flower girls. Of course, there you are with your pink flower girl dress, matching headband & the biggest smile on your face. I will probably always see you that way 🙂 You deserve a life full of happiness & love. You are on the right track, stay on it & I promise, you will have a beautiful life. You look gorgeous in your graduation portraits! Most importantly though, you are a beautiful young woman on the inside. Love you! – Tia Abi




This one, I love!! A personal favorite of mine.


Another favorite of mine! So pretty!


Laguna Gloria in Austin, is gorgeous. Love working at this location.


I was laughing while I was editing the photo to the right. It looks like the little lion is touching Michelle’s hair. Lol!


So gorgeous!


Okay, this photo is probably my FAVORITE (x 100) from her session. Just something about it. It reminds me of The Notebook!2016-06-07_00172016-06-07_00182016-06-07_00192016-06-07_00202016-06-07_00212016-06-07_00222016-06-07_0023

I love these next 4 photos. You make me laugh Michelle!!


That smile! Totally cute! 😀


Thank you for a wonderful session. Loved working with you, then again,  you didn’t really have a choice, with your aunt being a photographer & everything. Lol!!

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