Baby Cupcake | Isla’s “Mood Board”

I’ve been asked so many times, “What are Isla’s colors?” I never knew babies needed colors. Haha! This is all new to me people! Lol!

I come to find out that it basically means, what type of colors are going into her nursery or what color most of her items will be. I love all things pink, but when I see how much pink there is for girls, which is basically EVERYTHING – for some reason it makes me feel overwhelmed. I know what you’re thinking, how can that even possible? Isn’t your favorite color pink!?” It is! But I just didn’t realize that having a girl would automatically mean PINK overload.

When I looked around our bedroom & our home for that matter- I noticed a lot of aquas & teals. Not too much though, just here and there. I LOVE colors of the ocean. I find them to be really serene.

Isla's moodboard

(image credit: ice cream dress, baby moccasins, coral & aqua palette, organic hippie baby, you are our greatest adventure sign, let them be little, photographer t-shirt.

So, we live in a one bedroom apartment. Our bedroom is actually pretty spacious & there is a what I call a ‘nook’ that’s empty (well now it’s empty). It’s actually a good little spacious area. There, I plan to put her crib & dresser- which we should be getting soon! I picked out a really pretty white crib & dresser.  I also plan to put up some cute decor & some of her baby portraits, etc. I plan to make it super cute. So, when I thought of her colors, I thought, well, I definitely want something that will go with the rest of our home & our bedroom.

Well, easier said than done, because when I went to register, everything for a girl was pink.  So, I picked more neutral items with splashes of pink & aqua (from what I can find) items.

We will see how it all plays out. Knowing me, I’ll end up having a little bit of everything, because honestly nothing matches in my house & somehow it all flows. At least that is what I have been told. Lol! 😀 I’ll be sure to post photos of her little area when I get it all done. Key word is ‘when’! Lol!

xo, Abi

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