Baby Cupcake | 2nd Trimester

     Week 14

I still can’t believe my 1st trimester is already over. Where did the time go? I feel like there is so much to get done & I haven’t done anything at all. Lol!  I made a list of things to get done in my home. For one, I really need to clean out my closet. It’s packed to the max & the thought of fitting in baby clothes is giving me anxiety. Our place isn’t the biggest. Honestly, that doesn’t bother us at all. Lots of families live in one bedroom apartments & at this point I really don’t feel the need to throw in home buying on our to do list.  So, I just need to work with what we have & to be honest, I love where we live & I don’t really want to move out. Even though, I know sooner or later, we will have to make that transition. As for now though, I’m going to enjoy our place & make the best of our space.

The appointment leading up to hearing nugget’s heartbeat, was basically me feeling the worst anxiety ever. I couldn’t stop thinking about that appointment. Well, when I finally went in, that little heartbeat was everything & more then I could have ever experienced. An actual heartbeat. A little human growing. I have no words for that. I ended up buying a fetal doppler.

Talking about doctor appointments. My weight is going up & for a while I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I mean, duh. I knew it was going to happen. Lol.  It’s just different, since it’s my first time going through this. I try not to weigh myself in between appointments.

At this point, my first trimester extreme hunger has died down a little bit, but I know it’s about to pick up again. I’m basically just trying to make good choices during the week & when we go out to eat on the weekends, I eat what I want. I’m not going crazy, but I’m not depriving myself. My doctor said my first trimester was great & for my second, she wants me to gain a pound to a pound & a 1/2 per week.

Also, I’ve really been into ice cream  lately.

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Week 15

I think I felt the baby move today! I mean, could it be true? It felt like a little goldfish swimming by & so far I’ve felt it twice this week. That’s the best way to explain it. I read it might be too soon to feel baby move though, so who knows??

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Ive been feeling great lately! They say your 2nd trimester is the best, you feel the best, you look the best 😉 Well, I kept wondering when that 2nd trimester energy will kick in & I think this week is the week. I worked out 4x this week & I’m back on my regular workout routine. Cardio for 30 mins. My favorite type of cardio right now is cycling. I try to do 6 miles in 30 mins & omg, when I finish it is the best feeling ever! I am also back on my weight lifting routine, which makes me feel awesome!

So, it seems like the Zika virus has hit the news. With the best of intensions, friends & family have been bombarding me with news articles, links, telling me to turn on the news, etc. I know that they do this, because they care.

One evening in particular though, I went to the gym & driving back I received a message from a friend telling me to be so very careful when I go outside & to make sure I wear my bug spray at all times, etc. I know she meant well. Honestly though, it was the cherry on top of all of the emails, texts, and messages I had been receiving. I pretty much had an emotional meltdown while cooking dinner, because I was so anxious, worried, and just sad. I mean, what an awful feeling!!

A few days later, I had someone tell me that they are so worried about me. That every time they listen to NPR they think of me. I looked at him, bewildered like, “you think of me? Why?”  His response was, “Because of the Zika Virus! It’s so scary!! You should really think about not working outside anymore and just stay inside your home.” 😐

To say that I have had the worst anxiety this week would be an understatement.  Of course I have been watching the news on TV. Yes, I do read all of the articles that keep popping up. I am educated on this subject. Every time I would receive a message about an article, a news story, etc.  I would think- “Yes, I read that already. Yes, I saw that already. Yes, I’m aware of that already.” Ivan, of course, is understanding, talks to me, comforts me, tells me it’s going to be okay. I don’t know what I would do without him.

So, here are my thoughts on the Zika virus:

If it’s not the Zika virus, it’s going to be something else. It’s the world that we live in. I refuse to stay locked up in my home, because I’m afraid. I refuse to allow fear to control my life. I refuse to allow anxiety to take over & make me so incredibly anxious that the Zika virus is all that I think about.

I will be wearing my mosquito spray while I work. I will be making sure I keep updated on the news. I will make sure I take the proper precautions. I promise you that.

I will do whatever I personally can do, to have a healthy baby.  *If* for whatever reason, our baby has health complications, he or she will be so incredibly loved & we will try our very, very best to give our baby the best life that we can give. That’s a promise we intend to keep. We have 100 % faith that God will take care of us, no matter what. 

Week 16

My hunger is back. During the week, I keep is pretty healthy. Smoothies, yogurt, turkey sandwiches, salads with chicken, scrambled eggs. My craving lately has been sliced cucumbers with an entire squeeze lime & tajin. OMG. That is the best thing ever.

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So, my tummy is beginning to pop out just a little bit more. I shot my 2nd wedding while being pregnant & thankfully, I felt really good the entire day (1 wedding down & 6 more to go until my maternity leave!)  I had my tummy rubbed many times while I was working & it honestly, didn’t bother me at all. Ivan says that now that I’m pregnant, my tummy is available to the public. I don’t know about that!! Lol!! For the most part though, I don’t mind it. Now, don’t get me wrong, if I had a hobo come up to me & rubbed my belly  – Yes, I would be a little scared! Lol. But if it’s family, friends, clients, guests at weddings, I really don’t mind. Friends tell me that I’m weird. Are they right? Lol!

Week 17

I have been working non stop lately. Shoot after shoot. Editing for hours. I’m thankful my energy is staying up. I need to take advantage of it! Still staying active. As much as my schedule will allow me to. Even if it’s just a quick walk around the block or getting to the gym for a 30 mins. cardio session, my goal is to just keep moving.

I’m starting to feel movement!! It’s the strangest feeling. A little swish here, a little swoosh there. I’ve even been feeling little pokes. It makes me so happy that he or she is active & moving around.

Week 18

Our 2nd sonogram is coming up. We are so excited!!! Going into the doctor’s office, we had paper work to fill out & figure out how much exactly how insurance was going to help pay for, when it came to the doctor visits & delivery. You know, all that fun stuff 😉

As soon as all of that was taken care of, we went into the sonogram room. We explained to her that we would not be finding out the gender of the baby today. We were going to keep it a surprise for our gender reveal party. That was a hard decision, but we genuinely wanted to be surprised!

 As soon as we saw our baby, it was so amazing!! Baby had their arms crossed over it’s face, then we were able to see the spine, the heart beating, the little organs growing all in the right places, 5 fingers on each little hand. Such a beautiful feeling. Then our sonogram tech. asked us to close our eyes & look away, because she was about to find out if nugget was a boy or a girl.

After our sonogram, Ivan had the rest of the afternoon off, so hello, baby needed a raspa. 🙂

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Week 19-

It’s a …

G I R L !!!

Check out our gender reveal HERE!

Week 20

Half way done with pregnancy!? 20 more weeks to go! Where did the time go! 😦

It feels surreal to know we are having a GIRL & now, we have been calling her by her name.

It’s so funny to me how many questions we have been receiving lately. One of them is, on finding out we are having a girl… “Oh, is that what you wanted?” What I want to say in return, “Well to be honest, all I wanted was a back rub, but that didn’t work out the way I planned, did it?” Lol!! Truthfully though, how am I supposed to answer that? Boy or girl, it’s a blessing from God & we would have been happy with either or. I just find it to be a weird question.

I’m so grateful that I’m already half way through my pregnancy & I’m still feeling good. Other then the regular aches & pains that come along with pregnancy & well age, I’m feeling just fine.

Good! Because my Spring wedding season is about to take off in full swing & I need all the energy I can obtain.

Also, I’ve been craving Panera Bread’s chicken avocado cobb salad. Omg. I cannot get enough! I’m pretty sure I have stopped at Panera at least 3x this week. Not kidding.


We are officially registered at Target & Babies R Us. Target was a little less daunting. Babies R Us had me sweating just a little bit, but not as much as it used to before I knew I was expecting. Yes, when my pregnant friends were registered at Babies R Us, I would go into a little panic attack, run in & run out. Lol! This time it was obviously different! Lots to think about & plan.

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Do I want a stroller with a tray? Do I need a baby carrier? Would it be smart to get a bassinet or a pack & play? Lots of questions & thankfully, my mom was there on both days & really helped me a lot. So much to think about, that’s for sure. It’s all exciting though! I also, couldn’t do it without my mom. She’s a huge help! I’m grateful for her. I also think we found her crib!

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Week 21

Keeping busy and yet, I haven’t quite started this “nesting process” that everyone keeps saying I’ll begin soon. I just keep looking around our place like, “Okay, I know I need to get that done, but eh, it can wait.” I’m getting ready for my Spring wedding season to begin & it’s about to get crazy!!

I’m on a Mediterranean kick btw. Give me all the hummus and Greek salad with feta!

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Week 22

I have been craving ice cream. Specifically, McFlurries. The Oreo McFlurry is my jam right now. I truly believe this craving began, because one of my brides sent me a photo of a double chocolate extreme milkshake. (you know who you are!!!) Actually, now that I think about it, it’s kinda funny that my bride & I send each other food photographs, and it’s pretty frequent too. Lol! Anyway, so she sent me this photo of this milkshake & I swear, I was like … okay, it’s time to head out and get a chocolate milkshake. All of a sudden, there’s a McDonalds commercial & there is the Oreo McFlurry right on our TV screen. I told Ivan, I gotta go. I gotta go to McDonalds right now. He looked at me and was like, “what? It’s 10 pm on a Thursday & you hate McDonalds” (this is true btw, not a fan).  I replied, “with or without you, I’m out.” I was heading out the door & he was still putting on his shoes. Me? Who had time for shoes!? Lol! To my defense though, I only had 1 McFlurry this week. Even though, I wanted 5. Balance. I gotta stay balanced.

We shot a GORGEOUS wedding this week. Absolutely beautiful. It was an outdoor wedding & the temperature dropped down to the 50’s, but thankfully Ivan & I were very prepared, and had our coats & sweaters handy. Thankfully though, I was able to photograph the wedding with ease & spent a lot of time laughing at their reception, you’ll see their blog post soon 😉 Lol! Also, I’m thankful my bride and groom fed me. My bride said, please go sit down and feed baby. Okay, I shall 🙂

Week 23

So, this week my craving has been gelato in a waffle cone. YUM. Over the McFlurry.

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I notice my body is taking a little longer to recover from the high demand of a wedding day. Thankfully though, I had a full week to recover until our next one. Our next wedding of the Spring season was wonderful! I really enjoyed working this wedding, since I had a friend standing in the bridal party & many friends who were at the wedding as guests. So that was nice to see many familiar faces. Also, the weather is beginning to get a little warmer, which feels amazing. Although, what’s on my mind is how will I do during my Summer wedding season. I’ll only know when that time arrives 🙂

Also, why are baby things so darn cute!? I saw these Nikes at Nordstrom Rack & had to get them for Isla. Even though she won’t be wearing them for a good while, like for another year or two. Haha. I saw these Nikes for myself at DSW & was like, omg..we are going to match. Except, yea, no way I’m waiting a year or two to wear mine. They are so comfortable & I need all the comfort I can get! Let’s be real. I’m almost tempted to wear Nikes to weddings, I’m not gonna lie 😉

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Week 24

Ahhhh!!! Baby girl did her first body roll! So exciting, but also really weird!!  The pokes and the kicks Isla gives me are weird enough. But dang, she’s starting to do these little body rolls and that’s really freaky. I started feeling them last night & again this morning. I have yet to see them though. Maybe as she begins to fatten up a bit! Her kicks are starting to get stronger too! Sometimes, they even surprise me at how strong they are. I feel like I’m a host for a little alien. A friendly and cute alien, I hope.

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I have had so much energy this week. I was able to get to the gym 4 times this week! FOUR! At this point, I’m excited if I make it to the gym twice! This week though, has been awesome & I’ve been enjoying the energy I have. Honestly, I have been doing the same routines as I was from before I was pregnant. Just taking it down a notch & obviously keeping an eye on my heart rate. If something doesn’t feel right, I don’t do it. If I need to take a little bit of a break in between sets, I take that rest. It’s all about listening to your body.

Week 25 

 Where did my lungs go? Are they the size of peas right now? I still have lots of energy, but my breathing skills are becoming limited! Lol. Really though, how difficult is it to put on lotion? What about shaving your legs?  Brushing your hair? I’m out of breath doing these things!! It makes me laugh, but at the same time, I’m can’t I breathe? :B

I’m assuming since she’s getting longer, all my organs are being pushed up. At times, I feel like my lungs are in my throat! No joke. So, I have to take my time doing simple things. That way, I’m not huffing and puffing everywhere!

In other news, Pashas knows me by name already.


Okay, no they don’t, but I feel like I’ve been having lunch there like almost every week 😐

Week 26

Now, I’m staring to feel a little tired. I’m mostly beginning to feel the aches & pains of the weight gain. So far, my weight gain is right on track. In my 2nd trimester, my doctor wanted me to try to gain, 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per week. So far, so good! But it’s crazy how that extra weight gain is already making me feel. My joints feel sore & achy, mostly my knees, ankles and back. I’m assuming that’s all normal though. I’ve noticed a little bit of swelling in my feet, but nothing extreme. I think this is all normal as my 6th month begins to come to an end. Sadly.

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Picked out our stroller! Yay! Wanted something easy to travel with, easy to fold, easy to use, easy to put baby in and out of. Lol. Okay, and let’s talk about how Ivan & I spent a good 30 mins. trying to figure out how in the world you open and close a stroller. Two adults, standing in the middle of Babies R US like, okay..leave it, walk away, on to the next one, because this stroller is obviously broken! Lol!

Nesting has begun officially. Yesterday, I went into Target for thank you cards. I walked out with a bunch of stuff to start organizing my closet & drawers. I ended up cleaning out my closet (for the 3rd time), my desk, all the kitchen drawers (who needs 4 junk drawers, really!?), the cabinets under the kitchen bar & I emptied out my dresser (which I’ve been meaning to do for months already). Organized & cleaned until 11pm. When Ivan got home from work, I told him, “don’t worry! We aren’t moving!” Hahah! All I can think about now is, what can I tackle next!? Thankfully though, our place is not that big. So, there isn’t a lot I can do. Although, next on my list is: Pantry, under kitchen sink, dishes, and bathroom.

Everyone keeps telling me to ‘rest now’, ‘sleep as much as you can’. All that good stuff. With a small business & a to do list, that’s a mile long, that doesn’t really happen much. Also, I’m getting up to go potty (tmi sorry) like 2 or 3 times a night. I’m serious. & no, I don’t drink a gallon of water right before bed! Haha! No, but really though, I do take my naps if I’m super tired & there are some days that I just edit or answer emails right on the comfiest chair I own, my sofa.


& that’s my second trimester!! I mean, wow.

Where in the world does that time go? I cannot believe I’m starting my last trimester. Am I really going to be a mommy in just 3 short months?

It’s still so surreal. Will it become real to me when they put her in my arms?

I just can’t wait to meet her. To hold her. To see her little face. Kiss her little hands & feet. I still can’t believe we are having a daughter! It’s just crazy. I can’t wait to see Ivan as a daddy. He’s going to be the BEST daddy to our little Isla.

Oh wow, so I just scrolled to the top & I wrote a novel. Thank you for joining me on this journey! 3 more months until we meet our baby girl!

xo, Abi

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