Eva + Her Daughter | Family Session

It makes me so happy when past clients send new clients my way. It especially makes me happy when I make great connections with new people. I loved working with Eva & her precious little girl. Her little girl is adorable & she loved taking photos! By the end of our session, she was even coming up with her own ideas! Loved that!!


What a girly girl!! That pose was all her!


Non stop giggler.


I love these sweet moments with mommy.


She’s so silly!


Absolutely love this photo of Iris. Isn’t she adorable?


Another favorite of mine 🙂


The very last shot of our session was Iris’s idea. She called her mom over, told her to sit, told her to tilt her head, even showed her how. She decided that they needed to take one last photo. This one makes me smile 🙂


I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Eva’s beautiful family. I hope to work with the both of you in the future 🙂

Cupcake Photography

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