Kelley | Bridals at the Landa Library

We had a wonderful time photographing Bryan & Kelley’s wedding at Plaza Lecea in San Antonio, Texas. I can’t wait to get started on their wedding day edits.

I’m so excited to finally be able to post Kelley’s bridal portraits! We were able to take her bridals on a beautiful & warm day in February. Kelley chose to take her bridal portraits at the Landa Library. A beautiful & historic home, turned into a public library.


I loved that Kelley trusted me completely on the day of her session. I know that sometimes it’s difficult to imagine taking bridal portraits, before the day of the wedding. At times, the fear of getting our dress dirty or something happening to it, can cause a lot of anxiety.

I always tell my brides on their bridal portrait sessions: The key is to not drag your dress. We pick it up, we move, we find that perfect spot, we extend the dress, snap a few photos, pick it up again, we move … etc.

Yes, your dress will get dusty on the bottom, it’s natural, it will happen. I can guarantee you, your guests will not be picking up the hem of your dress & pointing out the dust. No, you will not have noticeable dirt stains on your dress. Yes, I WILL take care of your dress as if it’s my own. I can promise you that!


This light was absolutely amazing!


Love her lace trimmed veil. Maybe it’s because that’s what my veil looked like 😉


Beautiful Kelley!


Thank you Kelley for a wonderful bridal session! I loved working with you!

xo, Cupcake Photography

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