5 ways to be an AMAZING bridesmaid!

If you have ever been a bridesmaid, you know, it can be a lot of fun! It can also be, maybe at times, a little stressful. After all, you are there every step of the way to make sure your bestie has the BEST day ever no matter what.

So what are some ways a bridesmaid, really can be an AMAZING bridesmaid. You know, the type of bridesmaid, that at the end of the night, your bestie comes up to you and says, “how could I have done it without you!?” Well, that’s what this post is all about, let’s begin 🙂

  1. Be there for her at all times. Yes, this includes during her most stressful times. Being a bridesmaid isn’t just about the good ol’ times after all. It includes being a shoulder to lean on, when something just doesn’t go right. Let her know it’s going to be okay & try your best to remain positive. Even if the situation seems not so positive.


2. Ask for her opinion. Don’t forget ladies, it is her day. So, if you want to wear a glamorous statement necklace & she sees you in dainty pearls. Guess what? Pearls it is. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to be a robot. You can ask her if pearls with diamonds is okay & of course, the final decision will be up to her. 😉


3. Be helpful at all times. Just asking makes a HUGE difference. Even if a bride has lots of bridesmaids (see image above). There is always something to do. Let’s say your friend is getting having her bride & groom photos done & she already has two friends helping with her dress (which I always, always appreciate) & the details, you can still lend a helping hand or a helping voice, “you look so beautiful!” … you have no idea how much this will ease a nervous bride. Even going inside, making sure she has water at her table, so when she comes in from photographs, she already has something refreshing to drink & will make sure she stays hydrated throughout the night. A helpful friend, will also make sure her friend eats dinner!

Being helpful, also means no complaining. Believe me, I know, you are hungry. I know it’s hot (or cold) & I know, your shoes are killing you. Complaining about these things out loud though, will not make the process go any quicker. My job is to get the bridal party photographs taken care of quickly, so that way I can move on to the bride & groom portraits. Your friends paid a lot of money for beautiful photographs, spending 15 to 30 minutes posing for photographs will be SO WORTH IT.


4. Don’t just sit around. I always tell the bridesmaids,”you need to be dressed before the bride gets into her dress”. Please, please make sure your dress is prepped. Don’t go around asking for an iron at the ceremony location, because you didn’t take out your dress from the bag the night before & didn’t steam/iron it. Of course, don’t forget everything you need to bring along for yourself, the last thing you want to ask is, “does anyone have a nude strap-less bra I can borrow?” 😐 Once you see your bestie begin to get dressed, you should already be fully dressed. Her mind will be at ease knowing everyone is put together. While mama or MOH is helping her into her dress, get things ready for her: her veil, shoes, garter, jewelry, etc. these items should all be lined up and ready to go. Of course, once you see her all decked out, don’t forget to “Ooo & Ahhh!”


5. Be a best friend AFTER the wedding too. Don’t forget about your bestie after the wedding is over. While she is beginning her life as a new wife, she will still need her friends by her side. Every once in a while, take out the photo album & remember that wonderful time, you were there by her side. It’s also a good time to remember there was an open bar that night and the evening was well documented. Lol! 🙂

Happy wedding day!

xo, Abi

I want to thank my bride Sofia & her AMAZING bridesmaids, whose photos were used for this post, for a wonderful day & evening. Her wedding day was beautiful & her bridesmaids made my job very easy. Thank you girls. You can see Sofia & Abe’s wedding day, here.

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