Baby Cupcake | 1st Trimester

 Week 4

So today I took a pregnancy test. I know. It’s crazy. I never would have expected to have seen two blue lines on the test. Just like that, our lives have forever changed. I even took two, because it just seemed so surreal.  I wanted to tell Ivan in a special way & I held back from screaming in the bathroom, lol! I kept bugging him to go and take a shower, so I can figure out how I was going to tell him! Literally, I asked him 4 times if he was going to go take a shower! Until he finally said, “wow, you really want me to take a shower!” Haha! So when he finally went to go take a shower, I ended up wrapping the two pregnancy tests like a little present & placed it on our coffee table. When he got out of the shower, he came to the living room &  I sat next to him on the sofa. I gave him the gift bag. I said, “Here you go, this is for you!”… “For me? What is it?”…”Do you know what it is?”…”No”… Well when he finally opened it, he just sat there in disbelief & he kept saying, “What the heck? What the heck?” Haha! We spent the rest of the night, hugging, laughing, and crying (me, I was crying! Lol!). So this is it. This is happening. A baby Perez is on the way & we have no idea what to expect or where to start!


The next day, on Monday, I made our first appointment. I will officially be 5 weeks at the end of this week (on Friday!) I think I made a good choice with our doctor, but we will find out when we go on our first visit. On this appointment we might be able to hear the heartbeat. It just seems so surreal to me!

Ivan & I decided we would tell our families right away. We were just too excited to hold back from telling our parents. So on Monday evening, we made our way to my parents home. I spoke to my mom several times time through out the day, and it was so difficult not to blab to her! Half of what she was saying to me, honestly, I was completely zoned out & I don’t even remember what we talked about. I must have been really convincing for her to have been okay with us coming over for dinner on a Monday night!

So we get to the house & my parents, sisters are there. I wanted to tell them right away, but played it cool. I had the worst case of butterflies. My sisters kept asking me, “why are you here on a Monday night!?” … I struggled to come up with a good reason. So my excuse was, well, since we are going camping next week, I want to see what exactly mom is taking on the trip, so I know what I need to take. I think it was pretty convincing ,because they pretty much dropped it. Lol! Once we were all done with dinner, I went to go get the gift bags (me & Ivan decided to leave them in the garage) So this is how I set it up:

Each of my parents got a little gift bag. In each gift bag, there was a baby onesie, with a pregnancy test, and a little note that said: “Hi Grandpa, I love you! Love, Baby” wrapped up. I gave one to my mom & another to my dad.

I asked them to open it at the same time. Well, needless to say, my parents were ecstatic. Well, my mom was ecstatic & I think my dad was in shock. Lol! My mom spent a good 15 minutes, screaming, “I’M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!” and my dad just sat there and was like, “Mija, really!?” Haha. My sisters were crying & jumping up and down. They were so happy.


So this week, I am craving avocados. Like, give me a bowl & let me eat it with a spoon kinda craving. Lol!


I am SO tired. Today {Thursday} I had a photo session and I was busy all day packing, so I didn’t have a chance to take a nap. Baby went with me to our first photo session together. I couldn’t help, but smile knowing I was working with a little someone. I wonder if baby cupcake will grow up loving photography as much as I do. I can’t wait to get him/her, their first camera! 🙂


I’ve been really unsure about a lot of things lately.

What can I eat? Is hot tea okay? Should I keep running? Why am I SO DARN HUNGRY ALL THE TIME!? So, I had to buy this book. What to expect when you’re expecting. Let me tell you, it really does tell you what to expect when you’re expecting. Lol. Every time, I question something, I’m like, to the book I go & so far it’s been a great help. It really has put my mind to ease honestly.

Today, we are heading to Kyle to tell grandma & grandpa Perez. I’m so nervous! It’s been 6 years since we’ve been married, so I really don’t think they will expect this AT ALL!

When I arrived to my mother in laws house, Ivan was out the door to go see his sister’s new house. I had to play it really cool while I was at my MIL’s. Thankfully, she made me tacos, so I didn’t have to talk very much, lol!

When Ivan finally got back to his parents house, we chatted for a little. I could tell Ivan was nervous. I went outside to grab the presents to give to the grandparents. He followed me. Omg, he was so nervous! Lol. So was I!! Again, we had to play it cool. I set up their gifts exactly how I set up my parents gifts too. I asked for them to open it at the same time & I told them it was a little something for our upcoming family vacation. My MIL opened it first, she let out a small scream and stared at us. She kept asking, “es cierto!?” … (is it true!?”)  Yup, it’s TRUE! She came right up to me & gave me a huge hug, and we were both crying. Your grandpa held up the onesie for all of our nieces & nephews to see. Everyone was SO excited & happy. Of course, this made us very happy too.

It’s been a crazy week!

Week 5

We are camping this week at Garner State Park. All I kept thinking about was how the baby would be 4 months, by the time Garner time came around again. How crazy is that?


What I have been missing the most by far is COFFEE. Y’all know how much I love my coffee.

This week, as much as I wanted to be active. I was very tired. Usually I love taking walks, hiking, riding my bike. Nope, not this year. I napped a lot & I also ate a lot! I did get to ride my bike one day with my dad & that made me happy. I know that made my dad happy too 🙂 We spent a lot of time talking about baby of course 😉

Week 6


Mommy is tired & queasy! Yikes. So a very weird thing is happening. When I start to feel hungry, it’s not just a subtle feeling of hunger. I’m REALLY hungry. So hungry, I feel nauseated & I need to eat something right there at that very moment. If I don’t, I start to feel faint, nauseated, and yea, just NOT good at all. So, there is only only solution to this. I must pack a snack with me at all times. Today it happened twice. Not cool nugget! Oh btw, we’ve nicknamed the baby, nugget 🙂

So, around 11pm, I walk into the kitchen. Ivan is still up. I tell him, I am STARVING!!! He just looks at me like, we just had dinner…

There I am at 11pm, heating up left over jasmine rice & black beans from dinner. I’m sitting at our kitchen counter, literally crying & eating…I’m like, “What’s wrong with me!? Why am I so hungry!? Why am I eating at 11pm!? I’m so hungry!! Why am I so hungry!? I feel so sick!! Okay, I’m feeling better. That was yummy. Okay, I feel a lot better. Goodnight.”

Yes, my husband has so much patience with me. He sat with me as I cried over rice & beans, just smiling & listening to me, telling me it’s okay. I love that man.

Week 7


So we went to our first appointment today. Yup, nugget is in there for sure. It almost didn’t even seem real. We got to see the babies little heartbeat & it was fast! The doctor said nugget was measuring at 8 weeks & that he/she looked very healthy. We are so happy. Baby looked so cute in there. Baby wasn’t jumping around, just chilling’. Maybe you were sleeping or maybe you were already posing for your first picture 😉

Week 8


I’m feeling good! No morning sickness. I have been waking up 2x a night for a snack. If I wake up to go potty (which has been 2 to 3x a night, ugh) & try to go back to sleep…nope. Not gonna happen. I start getting nauseated, because I’m so hungry. So there I go at 2 am, 4am, to raid my pantry. Usually, it’s a slice of toast with almond butter, a banana, a granola bar. Then back to sleep I go.

Week 9


I’ve been sick with a cold this entire week, but got better just in time for my last wedding of the year. Honestly, I’m like, what is this sick thing? I haven’t had a cold in years. Thankfully, our last wedding of the year went perfectly. I took a huge bottled water & packed some snacks. I felt great the whole day! Also, I discovered the hot caramel apple spice drink at Starbucks, yum.  It’s nice to know I can order something if we go to Starbucks. Although, I know caffeine is safe in moderation for pregnancy. I decided to not drink caffeine, for the first trimester. From there we will see, but wow, almost 7 weeks with no caffeine, and I’m feeling okay. Also, no more waking up in the middle of the night for snacks. For now, that has gone out the window.

Week 10

Alleriges. UGH! Cedar, I seriously dislike you. I’ve been laying around, coughing, wheezing, oh it’s just lovely.


So we decided to create our baby announcement. Of course, the first thing we had to do was take Bobbi & Gino to the groomers, because they both looked like hobo doggies.

The original idea we had was for Ivan & I to be IN the picture wth our pet children for the announcement. Yea, didn’t happen. Bobbi & Gino had other plans & refused to cooperate. But our announcement still came out awesome & at the end we were able to get Bobbi & Gino in a few. I’m excited to see how they will be around nugget. Gino did okay when Bobbi first arrived this past year. He’s a lone wolf, he doesn’t care what goes on around him, as long as you feed him, take him outside so he can do his thing, and once in a while, once in a good ol’ blue moon, he’ll let you cuddle with him. Bobbi on the other hand is our attention seeker. Must be by your side at all times. Will totally keep your feet warm if they are cold & just wants to love on you. So, we will see how they both do.


Week 11

This week, we left for a family vacation to the caribbean. We celebrated Ivan’s parents 45th wedding anniversary on the sea. I was a little nervous. I just didn’t want to get sick or nauseated. Thankfully though, although we had a couple of choppy nights, I didn’t get sick.  Since I can’t take medicine right now, my essential oils are helping me tremendously. My go to oil right now, is peppermint.

My craving while on the cruise was chocolate milk. Omg. Give me all the chocolate milk. I don’t even drink milk. Every morning, I would drink two little chocolate milks. Made my entire day.


Week 12 

Nugget turned 12 weeks while we were away. Yay!! I can’t believe how quickly 12 weeks went by. It’s just crazy. While on our cruise, I turned down champagne, wine, shots, rum, tequila, etc. That’s okay though. While I drank water the majority of the time, I did ask for mangonadas, strawberry daiquiris & pina coladas, all alcohol free. Let’s just say, this was one cheap cruise for us. Lol! Oh but let me tell you, I couldn’t drink, but I could eat 😉 Lol!



& that’s my first trimester!! I can’t wait to start my second. In about 6 to 8 weeks, we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I get asked about this a lot.

I feel like I’m going to have a boy. I’m not sure why. I just really think it’s going to be a boy. I often wonder what it would be like for me to have a son. Which boggles my mind & I can’t wrap my mind around it, since I grew up with 2 sisters. Lol. The other day though, I went to the park & there was a little girl who was riding her tricycle a few feet away from her parents, she was basically riding her bike right next to me, as I walked around. Then she would ride ahead, wait for her parents to get closer, jump on her bike & keep riding. For the first time, I thought, what would like be like if I were to have a daughter. So at the moment, I don’t prefer either or. I would be excited for a boy & I would be excited for a girl. I keep calling nugget a ‘he’ though, and if it’s a girl, I am going to feel really bad for calling it a boy this entire time! Haha!!

Thank you for joining me on this journey! I know this was the longest blog post ever & if you actually took the time I read all of it, wow, well, you’re just awesome 🙂



2 thoughts on “Baby Cupcake | 1st Trimester

  1. Your so cute! Loved reading your blog! It made me miss being pregnant 💜 I was pregnant on our last cruise too! It was tough! But glad you are enjoying this new adventure. It’s just the beginning! 💜💙💚


  2. Omg your blog made me cry!!! Its so weird yet exciting you’re going through all this! Such a sweet post. Love you Abi! Can’t wait to see your baby bump one day xoxo


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