Art & Melissa | Engagement Session

When I first received Melissa’s email about her July wedding, I was super excited. Art & Melissa would be getting married & having their reception at the gorgeous Kendall Plantation. This is a venue I have been waiting to work at for the longest time.  That day had finally arrived! I was over the moon. I made plans to meet with Art & Melissa at La Madeleine & I knew right away that we would be a perfect fit for each other. We talked & laughed for hours. A couple of days later, Melissa called me, letting me know they had chosen their wedding photographer! Me!! Yay!! 😀

Well fast forward a few months later, I find out I am 4 weeks pregnant. Oh my goodness, my head was spinning. I so desperately wanted to shoot their July wedding. I was like, “okay I can do this. I can totally shoot a July wedding at 9 months pregnant right?” After talking to my husband and really, really thinking & praying about it, I came to the conclusion that maybe it would not be the best to photograph a July wedding in my last trimester, just a couple of days away from my due date. As much as I would like to pretend I am super woman from time to time, well, I guess I am not. I guess! 😐 Talking to Melissa & letting her know was one of the one the most difficult conversations I have ever had to have with one of my brides. She was sooooo excited for me when I told her the news, but she knew what it meant. I think what was hardest for me was the connection I had already built with Melissa & Art. I was already visualizing their engagement portraits, their wedding day, etc. So, stepping back from that was not the easiest. I’m sure it was also difficult for them too, they had found their wedding photographer, crossed that off their list & then boom, curveball! Thankfully though, they were both incredibly understanding & I was super happy when they decided they still wanted to take their engagement portraits with me.

There is something about their photos that brings the biggest smile to my face. I think it could be a combination of their genuine love for each other/her awesome pink blazer.

Take a look at their engagement portraits. I think you’ll love them as much as I do 😉


So pretty!


We met at 4pm for their engagement portraits. Perfect timing. That sunset glow was beautiful!


Loving this light!


Can we take a minute to swoon over Melissa’s custom engagement heart diamond ring. Um, yea, wow!!


Another favorite of mine. Y’all are too cute!!


Did we look a little crazy in between the trees? Absolutely! With the photos like this though, looking a little crazy goes a long way! 😉


Thank you Art & Melissa for a wonderful session. I enjoyed working with the two of you. I wish you a lifetime of love, laughter & happiness.

Cupcake Photography

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