Baby Cupcake


Yes! It’s true. We are having a BABY!

It sounds so crazy. Us. Ivan & I.

We are having a baby? Wait, what? For real?

I never would have expected to have seen two blue lines on the test. Immediately. Two blue lines. Four different tests! Just like that, our lives have forever changed. It just seems so surreal. I wanted to tell Ivan in a special way & I held back from screaming in the bathroom, lol! I kept bugging him to go and take a shower, so I can figure out how I was going to tell him! Literally, I asked him 4 times if he was going to go take a shower! Until he finally said, “wow, you really want me to take a shower!” Haha! So when he finally went to go take a shower, I ended up wrapping the two pregnancy tests like a little present & placed it on our coffee table. When he got out of the shower, he came to the living room & I sat next to him on the sofa. I gave him the gift bag. I said, “Here you go, this is for you!” “For me? What is it?””Do you know what it is?””No…” Well when he finally opened it, he just sat there in disbelief, staring at the two tests & he kept saying, “What the heck? What the heck?” Haha! We spent the rest of the night, hugging, laughing, and crying (me, I was crying! Lol!). So this is it. This is happening. A baby Perez is on the way & we have no idea what to expect or where to start!

The next day I called my doctor’s office & we went over a couple of quick questions over the phone. Speaking to the nurse, I was so nervous.  She was like, “okay great, so you will be 5 weeks pregnant on Friday”. I’m like, “wait, what!?” …”Yes, and your baby is due in July.” … “Of next year!?” … “Um, yes!” Hahaha! Still cannot believe I asked that. Duh. Lol. I think I was in a small state of shock.

After talking for a few minutes & setting up our first appointment. I was like, okay, so now what? & she goes, “just relax. If you are active, keep being active.” … “Okay, what else??” … “Um, just take naps, eat when you are hungry, stay away from greasy food.” … “Okay and then!?” … “That’s it. Just relax!”

2 weeks later, we went in for our first appointment. Our doctor is amazing & we really like her a lot. We were able to see our little baby on the sonogram machine & we saw the little heartbeat beating, so fast! Our doctor said everything looked great. The baby looked healthy, I looked healthy. Babies heartbeat was strong and steady & she said I was measuring at 8 weeks. I’ll be 10 weeks on Friday (December 25, 2015) 🙂

So, what does this mean for Cupcake…


Well last night, the (mini) bump & I photographed our first wedding together. Thankfully, I felt great the entire day. I packed two big water bottles & took some snacks. Ivan also rocked the wedding at my second shooter & our last wedding of the year was a success! 🙂

Cupcake Photo will have a wonderful Spring schedule filled with weddings & portraits! 🙂  I’m so thankful for that. I LOVE what I do. I love working with my wonderful couples & families.

Just because I am pregnant, doesn’t mean I plan to stop working. As long as I continue to feel as good as I do now, I don’t see a reason to not work. I don’t have morning sickness, which is really surprising to me! Just a little queasy from time to time, which is my cue that it’s time for me to eat. So I plan my meals & my little snacks, and I drink tons of water. I’m a pretty active person, so thankfully, I’ve been able to keep up with my workouts. Everyone keeps telling me I need to rest & I think to myself, “who has time to rest!?” Haha. No, but really though, I do take my little cat naps when I’m feeling fatigued throughout the week, so I am listening to what my body is telling me.

Since the baby is due in July, the last two weddings I will be photographing will be in May. June & July will be dedicated to resting (as much as I can), swimming (because hello, pregnant during the Summer … in Texas), spending time with my husband, family & friends, and there is this thing called, “nesting” that supposedly I’ll start doing, eventually. Lol. In between my last wedding in May throughout  July, I will continue to schedule portraits for whoever would like to work with me 😀

Once the baby is born, I’m going to dedicate a couple of months to our little newbie & we will go from there. As much as I wish I could predict our future, I cannot. So, with that said, in my mind, I would like to be back to work by the Fall/Winter months of 2016, but it could be until January 2017, that I will begin working again. We are just going to have to find out 🙂

Of course, I will keep everyone updated on our new little addition & what the plans are for Cupcake. As of now though, Cupcake Photography is in a fabulous place right now.

We are so excited to finally share this news with everyone & for you to join us on our new journey as parents!



Cupcake Photography

5 thoughts on “Baby Cupcake

  1. Ah being pregnant for the first time is such an exciting and nervous feeling all at the same time. The feeling of a little life fluttering inside you. It’s crazy! I couldn’t think of a person I’d love to see more as a mommy than you. So excited for your journey into motherhood!!!! Can’t wait to meet your little cupcake. ❤️🍼


  2. So excited for you and Ivan! May Jehovah bless your new little family! The Perez family will continue to grow❤️. Sending our love 💕


  3. Thank you for sharing that sweet intimate moment!!! So beautiful. As you know, we are so happy for you guys!! You both are going to be amazing parents. Can’t wait to see you both in baby action! 🤗 You know where to find us if you ever need anything!! 😘


  4. Hearing your story is like a revival of mine and I’m sure many women. Very excited and happy for you guys. Wish everyday I can re live my pregnancies even though at times they seemed rough but, in the end you have a beautiful gift from Jehovah. It’s all worth it!


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