Morgan & Her Sons | Family Session

I cannot believe it’s been 8 years that I have known Morgan. We met while we were both working at the same retail store, way, way back in the day. I connected with Morgan right away & when you meet her, you will understand why. She is the sweetest person & an AMAZING mother to her two sons. Anyone who knows her personally, would agree with me. These past few years haven’t been the easiest for her & her family, but somehow they always seem to pull through & carry on with a positive outlook. Isn’t that what a family is really about? Going through the tough times & the good times together. When I see Morgan with her two sons, it really brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes I think, how is it possible that I have known her two little ones when they were in their mommy’s tummy. Does time really go by that fast? I shared that excitement with her when she first told me she was expecting Tripp & then little Tanner. I feel like I have photographed almost every special occasion in her life, in their life, and honestly, I am so honored to know such a beautiful little family of 3.

Take a look at Morgan’s beautiful family session. I’m so proud of these 🙂


One of my faves 🙂


Oh Tripp. Look at him. How handsome is he!? ❤


Tanner, a boy on the move. He’s in that age, that sitting still just won’t due & that’s totally okay. Gotta make it work & either chase him around or wait for those right moments.


Love! & yes, this was right before the sunset! That glow & that light. Well, it’s legit. What can I say? Golden hour is everything!




I love this photo of Morgan. Her smile is so genuine. That’s a mama looking at her boy right there 🙂 At this point, her boys were kinda over the whole, “let’s look at Abi & smile!” thing.


Once I felt like the boys had just about enough, I asked Morgan to take a couple of pictures of me & her boys. My little cupcake kids. Well, Tanner was just not having it & can I just say that Tripp breaking it down while I try to calm Tanner down is just THE BEST. Love you boys.



Thank you Morgan for a beautiful family session. I love you & your boys so very much. Can’t wait for our next photo session together 😉

Cupcake Photography

5 thoughts on “Morgan & Her Sons | Family Session

  1. Morgan Shipley says:

    Abi I am speechless! These photos are so beautiful and truly capture the love I have for my boys. Your sweet words about my little family are so touching. You are such a great friend and photographer. Every time we do a shoot you out do yourself from the time before. I will always hold these photos so very close to my heart. This is by far my favorite shoot we have ever done together. I love you so much and can’t ever thank you enough


  2. Barbara Perales says:

    You look like a great mommy Abi!!! Lol i love this family photo session. I said “aww” looking at all of the pics… Nice work!!


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