Quinn + Loraimy | Wedding Day

Loraimy & Quinn’s wedding was so sweet & beautiful.

This wedding held a very dear place in my heart. I have known Loraimy for the past 6 years. I first met her when she was 15 years old & I was a newlywed, and we have stayed close within these years. I was so happy to hear that she had met someone who made her heart flutter. Of course, when I met him, I could see how they were perfect for each other!

You will notice that this wedding is a tad different from the weddings I normally photograph. The reason for that is because, Loraimy & Quinn decided not to have a traditional reception after their ceremony. Because we didn’t have to rush to a reception venue after their ceremony, they had lots of time for family portraits & bride and groom photographs. After their bride & groom portraits, they went off for a romantic dinner just the two of them.

Take a peek at their October 9th Wedding day! I think you will love their photographs, as much as I do!

Take a look at their wedding day slideshow HERE!

The day began with a drizzly, overcast sky, but with shoes like this, who cares about that! 🙂


Beautiful details…


Loraimy had her makeup done by Aubrey from A Touch of Blush by A.G


Hanging out with Loraimy in the morning of her wedding. Loraimy decided to get ready at the home, she spent her teenage years. Loved that personal touch.


Isn’t her dress so pretty? Reminded me of Pride & Prejudice!

2015-11-03_0005 2015-11-03_0006 2015-11-03_0007

Loraimy has always loved flowers & she actually made her own bouquet.


Vivian is Loraimy’s cousin & one of her best friends. Naturally, she helped her get into her dressed. Very sweet.

2015-11-03_0009 2015-11-03_0010 2015-11-03_0011

Pretty details..love this!

2015-11-03_0012 2015-11-03_0013

Absolutely love this.

2015-11-03_0014 2015-11-03_0015 2015-11-03_0016 2015-11-03_0017

Loraimy & her grandmother. I absolutely love these photos.


Since we had some time before her ceremony, we decided to head to a nearby park to take bridal portraits. I’m SO happy that Loraimy decided to listen to my advice & take these portraits before heading to her ceremony. We took so many beautiful portraits. Yes, maybe I am a little partial, because she is my friend! Hahah! Really though, so beautiful! 😉

2015-11-03_0021 2015-11-03_0022 2015-11-03_0023 2015-11-03_0024 2015-11-03_0025

While we were taking her bridal portraits, the sun came out! YAY! We were so happy!


One of my faves. Would love to see this on a canvas! (eh-hem!)

2015-11-03_0028 2015-11-03_0029 2015-11-03_0030


2015-11-03_0031 2015-11-03_0033

So pretty! 🙂

2015-11-03_0034 2015-11-03_0035

Smiling, laughing..

Exactly how every bride should be on her wedding day!


Oh, hi Quinn! 🙂

2015-11-03_0038 2015-11-03_0039 2015-11-03_0040

Ceremony details…

2015-11-03_0041 2015-11-03_0042 2015-11-03_0043

Time to see his bride…

2015-11-03_0044 2015-11-03_0045 2015-11-03_0046 2015-11-03_0047 2015-11-03_0048 2015-11-03_0049 2015-11-03_0050 2015-11-03_0051 2015-11-03_0052

The vows…

2015-11-03_0053 2015-11-03_0054 2015-11-03_0055

Quinn’s mama..tearing up. So sweet 🙂

2015-11-03_0056 2015-11-03_0057

First kiss as husband & wife 🙂

2015-11-03_0058 2015-11-03_0059 2015-11-03_0060

Love these 🙂

2015-11-03_0061 2015-11-03_0062

Loraimy & Quinn decided to say hello to everyone who attended their wedding, right after their ceremony.


FaceTiming with Loraimy’s aunt in California. Isn’t technology amazing?


Time for some family photos!

Quinn & his brothers

2015-11-03_0065 2015-11-03_0066

The guys, being, well, guys! Lol! 😉


The grandmothers…so sweet


Quinn’s grandmother’s on his mom’s side & his dad’s side 🙂


2015-11-03_0069 Ready for the Bride & Groom portraits. Loraimy loves all things vintage, so I knew the perfect place for her photos!
2015-11-03_0071 2015-11-03_0072 2015-11-03_0073 2015-11-03_0074 2015-11-03_0075

That hazy glow..so pretty!

2015-11-03_0076 2015-11-03_0077 2015-11-03_0078

Love these two b&w photos together

2015-11-03_0079 2015-11-03_0080 2015-11-03_0081 2015-11-03_0082 2015-11-03_0083 2015-11-03_0084 2015-11-03_0085 2015-11-03_0086

Mr. & Mrs. Jimenez

2015-11-03_0087 2015-11-03_0088 2015-11-03_0089

Love this one!

2015-11-03_0090 2015-11-03_0092 2015-11-03_0093

Gorgeous! Can we talk about how AMAZING Loraimy’s flower crown is? & of course, she made it herself!

2015-11-03_0094 2015-11-03_0095 2015-11-03_0096 2015-11-03_0097 2015-11-03_0098

Hold her tight forever Quinn 🙂

2015-11-03_0099 2015-11-03_0100

Loving this…a perfect moment caught in time forever!

2015-11-03_0101 2015-11-03_0102 2015-11-03_0103 2015-11-03_0104 2015-11-03_0105 2015-11-03_0106

A perfect ending to a beautiful day. Can I just say, that now I want confetti in ALL bride & groom portraits? Can we please make this happen?? So much fun!! 😉


Thank you Loraimy & Quinn for picking me to photograph your beautiful wedding day.

I wish you a lifetime of happiness & love.

 Love you both!

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