Camping? More like Glamping!

I’m already starting to gather our items for our November camping trip. This will be our 10th year going camping as a family. Isn’t that crazy? It’s our family tradition & it’s something we look forward to every year. I just can’t believe November will be here already. I feel like we just went camping & now, here we go again! My parents usually stay in a cabin, but this year, Ivan & I are going to be on our own aka not mooching off of my parents. Lol!! I literally get so lazy camping with my parents. Does anyone else feel the same way? My mom is just so awesome. She cooks so yummy, bakes amazing cookies, takes all the goodies. I mean, why do I have to do anything when I have the best mom ever that does everything for me?? Lol! I’m a brat, my mom spoils me. She spoils all of us! Well, this year it will be different. Sigh. You never realize how many items you need for camping until you start buying your own camping gear. Thankfully there is a little place called Walmart where you can find good camping gear, lol! We decided this year would be the year to do our own thing, gather our own equipment & be real adults. Sigh. Camping adults. Blah.

Surprisingly, I stayed under budget for our camping gear, GO ME! All we need is a camping stove & a few other details. Okay, so let me tell you, we don’t camp. Let’s just get real. We glamp. Judge us. We don’t care 🙂 We make steaks with baked potatoes & drink wine while we are fishing. Lol! I just can’t wait to continue this family camping trip with our own babies too! We always have such a great time 🙂

10604080_869092323143453_5152207429719437397_o{Hiking with my baby sister, 2014.}

I always take this time to turn off my cell phone (there’s no signal anyway, lol!) & really try to spend time with my family. I also use this time to evaluate my year, my goals, and get ready for the following year. For the past 3 years, I have used this camping trip as a way to get ready for the next year.  I make three different lists for myself.

Spiritual Goals

Personal Goals

Cupcake Goals

I always go through the goals I was able to complete for the year & the goals I want to complete for the following year. Of course it’s always exciting when you go through the list from the year before & you are able to cross off your list. Sometimes, I don’t get to cross off everything I wanted to accomplish & that’s okay 😉 The point is for me to just try my best & if they are still applicable, I’ll move those goals to my new list of goals. It’s been so helpful & it helps me concentrate on the blessings I currently have in my life. How can you not meditate on God’s creation & your blessings in such a beautiful place?

What about you? Do you have a family tradition? A yearly trip?

What about your goals? Is there a specific time you sit & think of your goals? I’m all ears 🙂

Sweet comments make me happy.

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