Mondragon Family

I loved working with the Mondragon family. Their little ones are too cute! I met Ingrid & Martin at Vivian & Derek’s wedding back in September, Martin is my bride Vivian’s brother 🙂 It was so good to see them again for their family session. Since their two babies are active & in that playful stage, I wanted to be sure to capture that!


After a couple of photos together, baby girl was on the go!

2015-10-29_0002 2015-10-29_0003 2015-10-29_0004

Mommy & son, love it!

2015-10-29_0005 2015-10-29_0007

Love this…


Too sweet.


Love this daddy & daughter photo!

2015-10-29_0011 2015-10-29_0012

Look at that light! Gorgeous.

2015-10-29_0013 2015-10-29_0014 2015-10-29_0015

When baby is on the go, there is only one thing to do, go with it!

2015-10-29_0016 2015-10-29_0017 2015-10-29_0018

Had to get a couple of photos of mom & dad too 🙂

2015-10-29_0021 2015-10-29_0022



I Love this little trio.


That sunset glow though, there is nothing like it!


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