Daniela | Graduation Session

Oh my. Oh my. Can I just say how insanely happy I am, that I was able to work with Miss. Daniela on her graduation portraits!? I’m telling you, graduation portraits are not they used to be back in the day. No more cap & gown, posing with your diploma with a silky blue background. Okay, okay..maybe mom & dad just have to have that photo, but let’s talk about how much High School Portraits have evolved, shall we? Even when I was in High School, I mean, I don’t know, were portraits like this? Why can’t I remember? It hasn’t been that long. It’s only been about, oh well, anyway, let’s change the subject 😉

This is the type of session Daniela was visualizing: Western, country chic, cowgirl, girly, but rugged, and cows. Yes, cows. You see, Daniela told me that cows were & have been her all time favorite animal. Daniela loves cows. Absolutely adores everything about them, but she’s never had the opportunity to be around them. So when she told me her idea of possibly having cows in her photos, my first thought was- where in the world am I going to find a cow for her to take photos with? I mean, this HAS to happen right? So there we go, our search began. The quest to find cows for her graduation portraits…

Well, just a few months ago, I had an engagement session with my April 2016 couple, Addison & Katie. Addison & his family own beautiful land out in Blanco, Texas & cows. Lots of cows. So, after photographing their engagement session & seeing that they had cattle, I thought- wow, how perfect would this be for Daniela. Well, my bride & groom are AWESOME, because they kindly & graciously said yes, to us using their property & Addison even took us to where the cows were for Daniela’s session. I mean, I cannot even begin to put into words how thankful I am that they allowed us to use their property, because Daniela was SO happy! & of course, that made me super happy too. {Thank you again Addison & Katie, y’all ROCK!}

Our first stop was at this really cool canyon looking area. I just loved it! It was super rustic & it went perfect with her outfit!


Work it girl 😉

2015-10-25_0002Isn’t this the coolest spot!? We just spotted it while driving & we were like, HERE! LET’S SHOOT HERE!

So cute, love this!

2015-10-25_0008 2015-10-25_0009 2015-10-25_0010 2015-10-25_0011 2015-10-25_0012 2015-10-25_0013 2015-10-25_0014

So once we got to my groom’s property and he took us to where their cows were, Daniela could not stop smiling. I actually couldn’t stop smiling too. It was a really exciting moment.

2015-10-25_0015 2015-10-25_0016 2015-10-25_0017 2015-10-25_0018 2015-10-25_0019

So gorgeous!!!


No words. LOVE!!!!!

2015-10-25_0021 2015-10-25_0022 2015-10-25_0046 2015-10-25_0047



Okay, let me tell you something. If you’ve never been around any type of large farm animal it can be really nerve-wrecking. It’s one thing to drive by and see them grazing on the side of the high-way & another when they are RIGHT THERE next to you! Haha! I knew we were in good hands though. Addison even brought them right next to us & had Daniela FEED one. I mean, talk about AMAZING! Such a cool moment!


Hi 🙂


Another neat moment, Daniela was able to feed this baby cow. The mama of this little baby cow, passed away while delivering her, so Addison and his family have been bottle feeding her, until she’s ready to go with the others.

2015-10-25_0052 2015-10-25_0053


Heading back home, we stopped at another cool spot. Hay bales! On the side of the road, on public property. Yea, I’m pretty sure it was public property 😉

2015-10-25_0055 2015-10-25_00562015-10-25_0044 2015-10-25_0057 2015-10-25_0058

That sunset glow. So pretty!


So beautiful!

2015-10-25_0060 2015-10-25_0061 2015-10-25_0063

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