New York, New York

It felt so good to be back in New York. It’s been about 3 years since we have been back in beautiful Brooklyn, NYC & I’m glad we finally were able to make our way up to visit. My husband used to live in Brooklyn, NY for 7 years & we actually dated long distance for about a year, before he moved to Texas. So, Brooklyn Heights is very dear to our hearts for so many reasons.

I took my camera, but honestly I didn’t actually take it with me  until on the last days. First of all, hello, Hurricane Joaquin was on it’s way. Seriously. Well so we all thought. So the first two days was cold & rainy. Which we didn’t mind, because we never get to experience that type of weather in San Antonio, haha! I told Ivan- “I’ve been to New York in the Winter, in the Spring, and in the Summer, but never during a hurricane!” Haha!! It was a fun experience & thankfully, by the 3rd day, the sun came out & I was so thankful for some sunshine.

We mainly stayed in the Brooklyn area the entire time, except for one day- we went into Manhattan. While we were there, we tried different restaurants, had a cupcake at Sprinkles, took a nap at Central Park & toured the Museum of Modern Art. After walking miles & waiting for the subway, I told my husband- I don’t think I want to come into the city again, I’m too tired. & it really is exhausting to be in the city, right in the middle of the hustle & bustle. It’s the city that never sleeps that for sure. Such a fast paced lifestyle and way too much for this Texas girl. I’m tired already just thinking of it. Lol! So we decided to spend most of our time, exploring Brooklyn & spend time with Ivan’s twin & his wife (who currently live in Brooklyn themselves). Since we have been to New York so many times, and my husband used to live there- we’ve done all the touristy stuff & this time, we just wanted to hang out & eat good food.

2015-10-21_0001 I love Brooklyn Heights for their quaint streets. We stayed at a really cute apartment, just steps from the Brooklyn Promenade. I had the most difficult time finding a nice place to stay in New York, that wasn’t crazy expensive. I decided to do a search on Airbnb & thankfully, I found a cute apartment to stay at that was nice & clean, and didn’t cost an arm & a leg. Lol!2015-10-21_0002 2015-10-21_0003 2015-10-21_0004 2015-10-21_0005 2015-10-21_0006

The Dumbo area is one of our favorite areas. Such a pretty area. It’s been interesting to see how much it has changed. Restaurants, the ferry, a beautiful view. Doesn’t get any better! 🙂

2015-10-21_0007 2015-10-21_0008

Oh, hey 😉

2015-10-21_0009 2015-10-21_0010 2015-10-21_0011 2015-10-21_0012

Traveling as a couple, means taking individual photos of one another, lol!


& then stopping a random tourist to take a photo of you together…


Who just happens to be a photographer herself! Score!! 😀

2015-10-21_0015 2015-10-21_0016

Lizzmonade & Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, might be the highlights of my trip. Oh, wait, so was the baked Mac & Cheese I had at Jack & the Horse. Oh & the burger, we ate at Shake Shack. Yes, def. breakfast at Clark’s. Okay, never mind, all of them. 🙂

2015-10-21_0017 Our last sunset in New York…

What a view 🙂

2015-10-21_0020 2015-10-21_0021

Until next time, New York. On to new adventures 🙂


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