Derek + Vivian | Wedding at The St. Anthony Hotel

I loved working with Vivian & Derek! September 5th sure is a wonderful date 😉

Vivian & Derek’s wedding day was absolutely beautiful. It was our first time working a wedding at the The St. Anthony Hotel & hopefully not our last! Everything about this historical downtown San Antonio hotel is glamorous & gorgeous in every way possible. From their chic furniture in the lobby, to the hanging chandeliers.

Vivian & Derek decided to share a first look before their ceremony, so we had plenty of time for family photos with their two children & bride & groom portraits. It was a beautiful moment, full of happiness. They decided to exchange gifts with one another & Derek wanted to give a special present to his new daughter. This was such a sweet moment for the family, bringing them all together before the ceremony. I’m so happy that they decided to have a first look, just the two of them & then with their two children. It was so worth it!

Take a peek at their September 5th Wedding day! I think you will love their photos, as much as I do!

Take a look at their wedding day slideshow HERE!

Derek & Vivian’s Engagement Portraits

Vivian’s Bridal Portraits

I had the St. Anthony Hotel lobby all to myself. Yay!


2015-10-20_0003 2015-10-20_0002 2015-10-20_0005

How cute is Vivian’s button up?


2015-10-20_0007 2015-10-20_0006

Time to get into the dress…


Gifts to her girls. Loved their dresses!


Love these moments with her sister & mom, helping her get ready.


Vivian with her own daughter on the left. Vivian with her mom on the right. How sweet is that?

2015-10-20_0012 I met Derek outside on the top floor. They have this beautiful outdoor terrace. We had to find a good place that would be private for just the two of them & away from guests.

Vivan & Derek’s son, ran outside to meet his dad. He was wearing the cutest sign, ever!!


“Daddy here comes mommy”


Ready for their first look…

2015-10-20_0017 2015-10-20_0018

Look at that smile 😀


Love these moments during a first look. A groom admiring his bride…

2015-10-20_0021 2015-10-20_0022 2015-10-20_0023

Quiet moments, with just the two of them.


Here come the kiddos…

2015-10-20_0025 2015-10-20_0031

I loved that Vivian & Derek took this opportunity to exchange gifts to one another. It was the sweetest moment!





Family portraits…

2015-10-20_0033 2015-10-20_0034 2015-10-20_0035 2015-10-20_0037 2015-10-20_0038 2015-10-20_0039

So pretty Vivian!


Love this one!

2015-10-20_0041 2015-10-20_0042 2015-10-20_0043

Gorgeous! Love this one too…


Once they were ready to head to the ceremony, Derek’s mama wanted to give Vivian a special gift. A handkerchief that belonged to Derek’s grandmother. So beautiful!


This moment. So sweet!


Ceremony time..

2015-10-20_0045 2015-10-20_00462015-10-20_0047
2015-10-20_0048 2015-10-20_0049 2015-10-20_0050 2015-10-20_0051 2015-10-20_0052

You are too cute Vivian!

2015-10-20_0054 2015-10-20_0053 2015-10-20_0055

Yay! Mr. & Mrs. DeLeon!


Family formals…

This is my favorite photo from their family formals. I can’t help but laugh!

Baby Alex was on the go & no one was going to stop him!


Yay! There we go! Lol! 🙂


The church that the ceremony was held, is right across the street from the St. Anthony Hotel, so we were able to take a couple of photos outside, before heading inside to their reception!
2015-10-20_0059 2015-10-20_0060

So pretty!

2015-10-20_0061 2015-10-20_0062 2015-10-20_0063

Absolutely adore this!

2015-10-20_0064 2015-10-20_0065 2015-10-20_0066 2015-10-20_0067 2015-10-20_0068 2015-10-20_0069 2015-10-20_0070

Time to party!

2015-10-20_0072 2015-10-20_0071 2015-10-20_0078 2015-10-20_0073 2015-10-20_0074 2015-10-20_0075


First dance as husband & wife…

2015-10-20_0080 2015-10-20_0099 2015-10-20_0100 2015-10-20_0081

Vivan shared a dance with her mom & her dad…

2015-10-20_0082 2015-10-20_0102 2015-10-20_0083 2015-10-20_0103

Derek & his mom…so sweet.

2015-10-20_0084 2015-10-20_0104

Toasts by the MOH & the BM

2015-10-20_0106 2015-10-20_01072015-10-20_0101

Time to dance!

2015-10-20_0085 2015-10-20_00872015-10-20_0086

Cake time!


Love these!!


So pretty!


Time to toss that bouquet 😉


Garter toss!

2015-10-20_00942015-10-20_0093 2015-10-20_0098

Ending the night with more dancing!


Thank you so much Vivian & Derek for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous wedding day. I had such an awesome time working the two of you & your family and friends!

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