Joshua + Mariah | Wedding at Granberry Hills

Joshua & Mariah’s wedding day was filled with laughter & happy tears.

It was an incredible day & I was so happy to be apart of it.

When we first met last year for our consultation, I knew I wanted to work with Mariah & Josh right away. They are so sweet together.

Mariah & Josh decided to do a first look on their wedding day. How can I even begin to describe how incredible their first look was. It not only allowed for them to spend time together just the two of them before their ceremony, but it provided so many gorgeous photographs before their ceremony & they had plenty of time after their ceremony for even more photographs! You can just imagine how many beautiful photographs they were able to receive. As I waited with Josh for Mariah to arrive for their first look, Josh could not contain his excitement. He kept telling me, “you just have no idea how long I have been waiting for this moment!” As soon as Joshua turned to see his bride, that will truly be a memory I will hold on forever. It is one of those moments, that time stands still for. As I stood there in silence photographing the two of them embracing, I thought to myself, “This is it. This is the reason why I love to photograph weddings.”

Take a peek at their September 4th Wedding day! I think you will love their photographs, as much as I do!

Take a look at their wedding day slideshow HERE!

A bride who wears jelly flats, um..yes please!!!


2015-10-19_0002Getting ready details…

This photo makes my heart so happy 🙂


The necklace that Mariah wore on her wedding day, was the very necklace Mariah’s mommy wore on her wedding day too.

Does it get any sweeter than that?

2015-10-19_0007 2015-10-19_00082015-10-19_0009

Mariah really wanted to have a first look with her daddy and we made sure that happened! It was a super emotional moment for them. I found myself tearing up while photographing them & again while editing! Such a sweet moment between daughter & daddy.


I met Joshua outside to prep him for his first look. He could not stop smiling & chatting! Lol!


Giving him a moment to himself before Mariah makes her way down to meet him…


Josh & Mariah’s first look…

2015-10-19_0012 2015-10-19_0013 2015-10-19_0014 2015-10-19_0015 2015-10-19_0016

Since Joshua & Mariah decided to do a first look before their wedding ceremony, they had SO much time for photographs & time for just the two of them.
2015-10-19_0018 2015-10-19_0019 2015-10-19_0020 2015-10-19_0021

Ceremony time…

2015-10-19_0022 2015-10-19_0023 2015-10-19_0024 2015-10-19_0025 2015-10-19_0026 2015-10-19_0027 2015-10-19_0028 2015-10-19_0029 2015-10-19_0030 2015-10-19_0031 2015-10-19_0032 2015-10-19_0033

I love these two photos…

On the left, Mariah is hugging her grandmother & on the right, Joshua is hugging his grandmother.

Those are special moments indeed 🙂


Bridal party photographs…

The gals, wonderful group of ladies. So sweet & helpful!

2015-10-19_0035 2015-10-19_0036 2015-10-19_0037 2015-10-19_0038 2015-10-19_0039

The guys! Great group to work with & hilarious!

2015-10-19_0040 2015-10-19_0041 2015-10-19_0042 2015-10-19_0043

More photos for Mariah & Josh before heading out to their reception.

2015-10-19_0044 2015-10-19_0045 2015-10-19_0046 2015-10-19_0047 2015-10-19_0048 2015-10-19_0049

I love a bride who loves Pink as much as I do 😉

2015-10-19_0050 2015-10-19_0051 2015-10-19_0052

When Mariah told me she was wearing a long veil: 😀

2015-10-19_0053 2015-10-19_0054



Love working at the Granberry Hills, San Antonio, Texas.


Granberry Hills has two venues on their property, this is the Hillside venue & it is so pretty!!

2015-10-19_0058 2015-10-19_0059 2015-10-19_0060 2015-10-19_0061 2015-10-19_0062 2015-10-19_0063

I loved their cake set up. Instead of one tiered cake, they had 7 mini cakes & they were all different flavors! So cute!!

2015-10-19_0064 2015-10-19_0065

Mr. & Mrs. Villarreal!!!

2015-10-19_0070 2015-10-19_0071 2015-10-19_0072 2015-10-19_0073


The toasts were so sweet…

Best man…


Maid of honor…


Father of the bride…

2015-10-19_0078 2015-10-19_0079 2015-10-19_0080

First dances…

2015-10-19_0081 2015-10-19_0082 2015-10-19_0083

Time for cake! Yay!!

2015-10-19_0084 2015-10-19_0085 2015-10-19_0086

Toss that bouquet girl! 😀

2015-10-19_0087 2015-10-19_0088

This picture had me cracking up!!! Lol!

2015-10-19_0089 2015-10-19_0090

Dancing! So much dancing!!!

2015-10-19_0091 2015-10-19_0092 2015-10-19_0093 2015-10-19_00952015-10-19_0094

Thank you Mariah & Josh for allowing me to photograph your beautiful wedding day. I had the BEST time working the two of you & your family and friends!

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