Cupcakes & Lemonade: When ‘busy’ is your middle name…

The word busy gets on my nerves. Like, straight up. Irks me. The worst thing is that I use this word so frequently & every time I do, I roll my eyes at myself. I have become that person who needs to schedule in a lunch date or a coffee date with my mom. My family & my friends have finally become accustomed to this. Unfortunately, I have missed last minute family dinners or spontaneous get togethers with friends. Honestly though, I think anyone who owns a small business or leads a very fast paced life can feel my pain.

If you are 100% invested in your photography business, you are someone who wears many different hats (& even if you aren’t a photographer). I’ve been told many times, “it must be so much fun to just  work on the weekends & take pictures.” Yes, it is a lot of fun, but I don’t just work on the weekends & I don’t just take pictures. There’s a lot more involved. You aren’t just a photographer. You are also an editor, a book keeper, a secretary, a consultant, a networker, and a customer service specialist. At times even a wedding coordinator!

When we got back from New York this week, all I could think about was EDITING. Yes, that was one of my first thoughts. As much as I tried to just chill during this trip it wasn’t easy for me. I even wanted to take my laptop with me so I can edit during down time on our trip, but fortunately my husband helped me realized that taking a break was okay. Although, yes, I have to admit, was still returning phone calls, answering texts, responding to emails while I was away…


When I picked up our doggies pet children from our pet sitter & finally got home. I thought to myself, I can either jump on my computer and start editing right now! Or I can take a breath, be grateful we made it home safe (turbulence is the worst!) cuddle with my dogs fur babies & get ready for the next day. That’s what I decided to do.

I came across this photo on Pinterest the other day & I thought, wow…this totally applies to me right now. This is the truth. Tomorrow your work will still be there, the emails will still be waiting, the text message that come in at 10 pm will still be there at 9 am the next morning. Don’t overwhelm yourself with what needs to be done now at this very second. Take a breath. Set goals & get it done.

Don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. Be present 100%. I know it’s not always easy. But I promise you it’s so worth it, especially when you are making memories that will last forever.

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