Engagement Sessions | 5 reasons why they are so awesome!

I love photographing a couple in love. I truly believe in the value of an engagement session & here are my reasons why!

1. Meeting your photographer: During this time, I will get to know you & you’ll have the opportunity to get to know me. You will get an idea on how I work. I will also be able to figure out which poses work & don’t work for the two of you. You aren’t a professional model or maybe you are! 😉 I don’t expect for you to show up at your engagement session & model like it’s NYFW. I’m not gonna lie though, most of my brides know how to work it! ::snap snap:: So during this time, we will figure out what you are comfortable with, not comfortable with, etc.


2. It’s your turn: It’s such an exciting time in your life. You have this beautiful sparkly ring that you can’t stop admiring! You stalk The Knot website at every hour of the day & you have a Pinterest board named “photo ideas”. Oh come on,  know you do! Lol! Of course I have a Pinterest, I mean, hello, it’s the best thing ever! I welcome my brides to send me their ideas & include me in their Pinterest boards. I love looking through your pins & looking at pretty photos too. I also have the opportunity to see which poses you really like, etc. Here’s the thing, an engagement session brings YOUR ideas to life. All of those couples whose portraits you’ve been admiring already took their engagement portraits! Now it’s your turn!


3. Let’s just chill: You get the opportunity to just chill out for a couple of hours. It never fails, most of my couples feel nervous before their session. I think it’s about the excitement, more than anything though. While planning your wedding, everyone coming at you at every corner asking about table linens, DJ services, flavor of cake, etc. Your photo session is an opportunity to just shut all of that off for just a few hours & concentrate on the most of important thing: your love. (Everyone say “Aww!!!”) It’s so true though, I love when I’m photographing an engagement session and my couple is laughing, having fun, taking about how they first met, etc. It takes your mind off of your to do list & it helps you concentrate on each other. Many of my couples make an evening out of it, so they will meet me for their engagement session & since taking photos are such hard work, they are starving afterwards, so they will make it a date night! 🙂 Invite your friends to meet you up afterwards or let it be just the two of you! Take your man out for a cold beer, he deserves it! Lol!


4. Pretty photos means pretty prints: I want you to decorate your new home with lots of photos! What are you planning to putting in all the frames you were gifted? Yes, that’s right, your engagement portraits. Oh & your wedding photos too, of course 😉 You also have the opportunity to display them at your wedding venue. Of course, I love when my couples do this, because I love seeing them in print too. Me at a wedding: “I did this. Aren’t they so cute!?” 😀


5. Creating memories: Your engagement will fly by. Yes, it’s true, sometimes your wedding day cannot come soon enough! I get it. Believe me! I will tell you this though, your engagement will happen only once. So ENJOY that time. Let’s be honest, sometimes during your engagement tension can rise. Either between family members, friends, or sometimes, even within a couple. It happens sometimes, but the most important thing to remember is that soon you will be together. Married! Mr. & Mrs. Now, let’s take some time before the wedding and document that love you have for each other, before turning Mr. & Mrs. I promise you, you will have so much fun. You will go back & look at your engagement portraits and remember such awesome memories.

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