Jeremy + Harolyn | Bride & Groom Portraits

I’m so happy that I was able to work with Jeremy & his beautiful wife Harolyn.

I didn’t have the privilege of photographing their wedding this past May, but when they contacted me to photograph their bride & groom portraits, I was so excited! I love meeting new couples, especially when I found out that a past bride & groom of mine, recommended me to them (Thank you Raquel & Jafet!)

I really loved photographing their bride & groom portraits, without feeling the rush of returning to the reception. We were able to take so many pretty photos & use the very last of the light. Of course, Austin never fails to amuse me. Mayfield Park was so beautiful. Peacocks, ponds & flowers, so pretty!


Mayfield Park is filled with the prettiest areas!

2015-09-30_0002 2015-09-30_0003

Loving this golden light.

2015-09-30_0004 2015-09-30_0005 2015-09-30_0006

There was a lot of laughing going on during our session! Always a good thing! 😉


Beautifuldetails 🙂

2015-09-30_0008 2015-09-30_0009

That sunset glow…stunning!


One of my pretty.

2015-09-30_0012 2015-09-30_0013 2015-09-30_0014 2015-09-30_0015 2015-09-30_0016 2015-09-30_0017 2015-09-30_0018

This looks like a scene out of a movie. This little area didn’t even look like Texas.


These two.

2015-09-30_0020 2015-09-30_0021 2015-09-30_0022 2015-09-30_0023 2015-09-30_0024

Peacocks wanted to say hello.

2015-09-30_0025 2015-09-30_0026 2015-09-30_0027 2015-09-30_0028

Love these… how cute would these look hung up in a trio?


Loving these black & white edits. So pretty!



Everything about it!

2015-09-30_0032 2015-09-30_0033

Absolutely lovely.



Thank you Jeremy & Harolyn for a beautiful bride & groom photo session.

I wish you many years of love & happiness.

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