Marlen + Antonio’s Wedding | San Francisco, California

Our family & friends thought we were absolutely cray for going to San Francisco in the same year. “I mean, you were just there in June for goodness sakes & you’re going back again!?” Our answer, “heck ya! ” because there are times when you just have to be spontaneous & book that flight! Sometimes, you just have to stop planning your life to a tee & just take that leap. Isn’t that how we create the best memories?

When Ivan’s good friend from New York, invited us to his wedding in San Francisco- we were so happy. We were especially happy to hear that he was going to marry the sweetest girl. Once Marlen & I started texting each other, I knew we would become good friends. She mentioned that they could possibly have friends we could stay with in California. A fellow photographer too, named Rosa. Well it turns out that when Ivan used to live in SF way back in the day, Rosa & her husband Francis were dating & Ivan used to hang out with them. They hadn’t seen Ivan in over 10 years actually & lost touch throughout the years! So you can imagine how surprised Rosa was when Marlen showed her a photo of Ivan & I together! Lol! Talk about hospitality! Rosa & Francis opened their home to us and we were so grateful. To not only stay in their home, but to meet new friends too!

Welcome to the Guerra home where you are greeted with this little furry face! Say hello to Downey. When we first drove up their street, I knew it was their home, because Downey had this little face in the window! He didn’t even look real! lol!

Here he is, in his little spot by the window. The morning of Marlen & Tony’s wedding was spent getting ready & just spending time with little Downey.



How awesome is Rosa’s gallery wall?

2015-09-28_0002 2015-09-28_0003

Look at that little face. He loves to cuddle too!


Marlen & Tony’s wedding took place on a private estate. I mean, talk about a unique, backyard wedding. Totally gorgeous!!!

When Ivan & I got to the wedding, we were pretty chill, up until Marlen started walking down the aisle with her parents. Ivan literally went into work mode. I had to whisper to Ivan, “babe, we aren’t working, remember?” Haha, it was just his natural reaction to start to shooting like a pro. I realized at this moment, wow, we are so not used to being actual guests at weddings. Lol!


Here is Rosa working it!


After their beautiful ceremony, we enjoyed cocktail hour & mariachis! We LOVE Mariachis & they were so awesome.


Their outdoor wedding took place on the tennis courts of the family estate. So pretty!

& look at the flower arrangements! I mean, wow!

It was so weird to take photos at a wedding, not as the official photographer for the day, but for myself. It was so nice, but I also really, really, really wanted to go around & photograph all of their details. I left that up to Rosa though! I took a few just to share and to keep for myself.


Personal details…I loved it.


These two. Love them both! The gorgeous bride & her friend/photographer!


Marlen’s little doggie was also apart of the wedding cute is he with his little bow tie!


Obsessed with her bridal bouquet!


Cupcakes!? My favorite!

Their cake topper brought their two worlds together. Marlen from California & Antonio from New York.

2015-09-28_0014 2015-09-28_0015

We clean up nicely, lol!


First dances…

2015-09-28_0016 2015-09-28_0020 2015-09-28_0021

2015-09-28_0022Dancing, lots of dancing! Ivan & I danced the entire evening & we had such a great time.

Take a peak at Color & Grain’s blog post of Marlen & Antonio’s wedding day. She did an AMAZING job photographing their wedding. Rosa is so talented! It’s a privilege to call her my friend.

Thank you Marlen & Antonio for inviting us to your beautiful wedding. We love you both! 🙂

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