Eric + Carolina | Engagement Session

A few months ago I photographed a beautiful wedding & Carolina just happened to be the hair stylist for the day. She is super talented & incredibly sweet. I was so happy when Carolina called me to inquire for an engagement session.

When Carolina & Eric met me for their engagement session, they brought along their families. Carolina’s mom & dad and Eric’s mom, dad, sister, and brother. Yes, their entire families were present & they were hilarious to be around. Carolina & Eric brought me an audience indeed! Did I mind? Not at all! I love my family so much, it makes me happy when my brides feel the same about their own families.

Carolina & Eric are such a fun couple! The love they have for each other is so evident. Eric couldn’t keep his eyes off of Carolina & Carolina spent the afternoon, smiling & laughing. I found myself hardly having to walk them through posing, naurally they found themselves embraced & relaxed.

Carolina expressed that she wanted to take photos that were romantic & sweet. Communication is key! She had a few things in mind for their photos & together, we were able to create a beautiful, custom photo session.

Take a peak at Carolina & Eric’s engagement session!

Long roads & overlapping trees. I love.


Love this. So pretty.


How cute is Carolina’s outfit? So cute! Her mom made her tutu!

2015-09-27_0004 2015-09-27_0005 2015-09-27_0006 2015-09-27_0007 2015-09-27_0008

So cute Carolina!


I loved this so much. Had to make it black & white for an editorial feel.

2015-09-27_0010 2015-09-27_0011 2015-09-27_0012

This black & white, had me swooning…how romantic!

2015-09-27_0013 2015-09-27_0014 2015-09-27_0015 2015-09-27_0016 2015-09-27_0017

One of my faves!!!

2015-09-27_0018 2015-09-27_0019

Your hand fits in mine, like it’s made just for me…

I saw that quote above & that is so sweet, perfect for the photo below. I googled who said it. One Direction. Don’t judge me. 😛

2015-09-27_0020 2015-09-27_0021

Tall trees & uprooted roots… gorgeous.


We didn’t plan to get into the water, it kinda just sorta happened! Haha! 😉


You would think they are completely alone. Nope. Their families were right behind Carolina, climbing up on trees & there was even another engagement session happening to the right of us! Hehe!


Love these!!!

2015-09-27_0025 2015-09-27_0026 2015-09-27_0027 2015-09-27_0028

These two. Her dress, her crown, his hand placed sweetly on her chin. SWOON!


If I can make a couple laugh like this, I must be doing something right! Lol! 😀

2015-09-27_0030 2015-09-27_0031 2015-09-27_0032



Thank you Carolina & Eric for working with me. I had so much fun with the two of you & your families! I wish you a beautiful & happy wedding day!

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