Addison + Katie | Engagement Session

I had such a great time working with Addison & Katie. You can imagine how excited I was, when Katie mentioned that their engagement session would take place on the groom’s family ranch. Hay bales, cows, the river, acres & acres of land, I mean, need I say more!? When I think of Texas, this is what I think of.

As soon as I entered Addison’s home, I was greeted with hugs & smiles. Katie & Addison’s parents were all there when I arrived, so it was so nice to be able to get to know them & talk to them for a bit!

Working with Katie & Addison was a blast. We spent a good majority laughing & by the end, we raced the sunset & caught the very end of the sun heading down. After a cloudy day & a giant rain cloud that (thankfully!!!) moved away from us, we had the treat of a gorgeous sunset to end our day.

Take a peak at Katie & Addison’s engagement session. Can’t wait to photograph their April 2016 wedding at the gorgeous Boulder Springs Events in New Braunfels, Texas.

Our first stop was at this gorgeous, giant tree. It was so amazing!

2015-09-21_0001 2015-09-21_0002 2015-09-21_0003

Beautiful Katie!

2015-09-21_0004 2015-09-21_0005 2015-09-21_0006 2015-09-21_0007 2015-09-21_0008

Love this photo so much!


Hay bales anyone? Yes, please! 🙂

2015-09-21_0010 2015-09-21_0011 2015-09-21_0012 2015-09-21_0013 2015-09-21_0014

Those hay bales were not easy to climb, but Addison & Katie amused me & climbed on up. Lol!

2015-09-21_0015 2015-09-21_0016

For the most part it was a cloudy Friday afternoon, but all of a sudden this dark cloud started rolling in & it got super windy. Thankfully we kept shooting and the wind carried the cloud away. Yay!

2015-09-21_0017 2015-09-21_0018

Save the date 😉

2015-09-21_0019 2015-09-21_0020

Those giant rocks. Just lovely.

2015-09-21_0021 2015-09-21_0022

Addison spun Katie around for a quick 2 step. Love it!!!

2015-09-21_0023 2015-09-21_0024 2015-09-21_0025

2015-09-21_0026 2015-09-21_0027

Say hi to Katie & Addison’s fur baby, Lily.  Isn’t she adorable!! She was loving the country life. I don’t know how we did it, but we were able to get her to sit still though a couple of shots!


Addison wanted to show off Lily’s paw shake. Lily had other ideas- kisses!! Lol!

2015-09-21_0029 2015-09-21_0030

LOVING these next couple of photos…


This one!!!


Addison loved making Katie laugh during their engagement session. I LOVE when my couples have fun with each other. An engagement session doesn’t have to be stuffy.

Engagement sessions can be & should be: fun, full of energy, laughter & with lots of kisses.

2015-09-21_0033 2015-09-21_0034 2015-09-21_0035 2015-09-21_0036 2015-09-21_0037

At the end of our day, we got back to the house, when I saw the sun peaking out. We ran out to the field to catch the very end of the light & I’m so happy we did.


 After an overcast day, we were treated with an amazing sunset & it was absolutely gorgeous.


Thank you Addison & Katie for a wonderful day. I loved working with the two of you & meeting your parents. I can’t wait to work with the both of you! April will be here by the time we know it 😉

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