Martin + Zari | Engagement Session

When I photograph an engagement session, I want to know details about my couple. How do they act with one another? Does he make her laugh? What is their relationship like? I honestly think, that this is what makes an engagement session. Needless to say, my engagement session with Martin & Zari was amazing.

First of all, Zari is the cutest & super sweet! Zari is also a small business owner. She is a hair & makeup guru from, Cherry & Zari’s Hair and Make Up. We have been following each others work for the past few years, so when I received an email from her for their wedding photography, I was sooo happy! Especially because she was engaged to Martin! My husband & I have known Martin for the past few years & it makes us really happy that he has found such a wonderful and sweet girl.

We met in the little town of Gruene, on a Tuesday. Let me tell you, Gruene during the week is totally different than Gruene during the weekend. That is for sure. We pretty much had all the little areas & corners to ourselves, so that was a real treat.

When Zari & Martin pulled out their giant gold & pink balloons with the ribbon, I freaked out, because hello, GIANT BALLOONS!

 Can’t wait to photograph their December wedding at the gorgeous Texas Old Town in Kyle, Texas.

Take a peak at Zari & Martin’s engagement session.

2015-09-16_0001 2015-09-16_0002 2015-09-16_0003

That balloon was just too cute!

2015-09-16_0004 2015-09-16_0005

Love this!

2015-09-16_0006 2015-09-16_0007 2015-09-16_0008

Some of my favorites. Too pretty!

2015-09-16_0009 2015-09-16_0010 2015-09-16_0011

Walkin’, talkin’, dancin’.

2015-09-16_0012 2015-09-16_0013 2015-09-16_0014

This is another of my faves. I just love everything about it.

2015-09-16_0015 2015-09-16_0016 2015-09-16_0017

These black & whites, love them!


Yes, show off that ring 😉 Martin did a great job!


Love these with the swing. One of my favorite spots in Gruene.

2015-09-16_0020 2015-09-16_0021 2015-09-16_0022

How adorable are those little signs, in their wedding colors!!

2015-09-16_0023 2015-09-16_0024

Sometimes I like to look through my camera to make sure I’m getting the shots I have in mind in take. They think I’m not paying attention, oh, but I am. In those moments, my couples start talking & just being are those photos. I mean, can it get any better? Love them!!

2015-09-16_0025 2015-09-16_0026 

This is why sunset is my favorite time to work. That glow. There is nothing else like it.


These black & whites, I’m telling you 😉


Gorgeous Zari! I think Martin thinks so too 🙂


At the end of their session, Martin & Zari allowed me to do a little experimenting with my OCF. So happy we took a little bit of time to do so, because I LOVE the way they turned out.


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