Shelby | Graduation Session

I have known shelby & her family for years. They are very good friends of our family & are very dear to my heart. Of course, when Shelby contacted me for graduation portraits, I was ecstatic!! My mind started racing on all these different ideas. The first thing I asked Shelby was, “what are you visualizing for your session?” She mentioned flowers & a vintage bicycle. So cute. I imagined her in the countryside with tall grass, and the sun shining behind her. Right before she was to arrive to her session, it began pouring. Like, literally pouring rain. Cats & dogs. Here comes a hurricane!! Lol. We decided to stick it out & see what would happen & eventually the rain cloud was swept away by the wind. Something that I personally love about rain, is that hazy glow that comes around. It is gorgeous light. You can’t even tell it had just finished raining in these photos can you? I’m telling you, that hazy sunshine was everything & our ideas came to life. Together, with lots of back & forth texting, a few phone calls & a Pinterest board, we created a photo session that was so beautiful. I can’t even begin to describe how much fun we had!  This type of session is what I would call a “custom session”. They can be extra special & just different overall. But how do you get to that point? Lots of brainstorming & communication with your photographer 😉

Take a peak at her graduation session, it truly is special. Just see for yourself.



2015-09-08_0002 2015-09-08_0003 2015-09-08_0004 2015-09-08_0005 2015-09-08_0006 2015-09-08_0007

For the next half of Shelby’s graduation session, I envisioned her in the beautiful Texas river. Her mom made her flower crown, I mean, GORGEOUS right!?

2015-09-08_0008 2015-09-08_0009

This photo is one of my favorites.

2015-09-08_0010 2015-09-08_0011


2015-09-08_0012 2015-09-08_0013 2015-09-08_0014 2015-09-08_0015 2015-09-08_0016 2015-09-08_0017

Another favorite of mine…


Check out BTS with Cupcake HERE


& I think this one is my absolute favorite of Shelby. Everything about it, I love!

2015-09-08_0020 2015-09-08_0021

Cupcake Photography

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