Michael + Lisa | Wedding at Garden Ridge, Texas

My friend Lisa is the definition of sweet. I’m serious. So incredibly sweet in every way possible! When you meet her, you are drawn to how calm & soft spoken she is. Lisa has always been the type to keep focus on her goals, praying to meet the man she would call her husband. When she attended a religious International Convention, she never would have imagined meeting her future husband.

When Michael first saw Lisa, he was instantly smitten. The first thing he noticed was Lisa talking to a little girl & genuinely interested in what this little girl had to say, and he thought, “I have to meet her!” So he went on over & introduced himself. That’s just the beginning of their beautiful love story!

When you see them together & hear them interact, their love is so evident.

Take a peak at Lisa & Michael’s wedding day. It was a charming, sweet & love-filled day.

View their wedding day slideshow HERE!

Bridal details, you know I love them 😉


Pearls on a wedding day? Why, of course!


Getting ready! I always ask for the mother of the bride & the bridesmaid’s to be dressed before the bride gets dressed. It just makes the photos look so pretty.

2015-08-31_0004 2015-08-31_0005

Love this black & white photo of Lisa. So happy!

2015-08-31_0006 2015-08-31_0007 2015-08-31_0008 2015-08-31_0009

Isn’t technology wonderful? Lisa had friends tune in for her wedding day. Loved that!


Hello groom to be!


Ready to see his bride!


Lisa had a close family friend walk her down the aisle. So sweet.

2015-08-31_0013 2015-08-31_0014

The wedding talk was so beautiful.

2015-08-31_0015 2015-08-31_0016 2015-08-31_0017 2015-08-31_0018

Ready for their vows. We all know that we get a little nervous while saying our vows in front of everyone. Well, Lisa & Michael were no exception. Lol! Lots of laughing!

2015-08-31_0019 2015-08-31_0020


2015-08-31_00212015-08-31_0022 2015-08-31_00242015-08-31_0023Ready for the ring exchange. So sweet!
2015-08-31_0025 2015-08-31_0026 First kiss as husband & wife. Yay! the first of many 😉

Mr. & Mrs.

2015-08-31_0029 2015-08-31_0030

Family Formals. Lisa’s family & Michael’s family.

2015-08-31_0031 2015-08-31_0032

We moved on to a second location after their ceremony. I love the Bracken Village. It’s very quaint & charming. I knew it would be perfect for their wedding day photos.

Bridal party…

2015-08-31_0033 2015-08-31_0034 2015-08-31_0035

Love this one!


Lisa & her bridesmaids


So cute girls! Aren’t their dresses gorgeous??

2015-08-31_0038 2015-08-31_0039 2015-08-31_0040

Michael & his groomsmen

2015-08-31_0041 2015-08-31_0042

Had to make sure to snap a photo of the groomsmen & their lovely wives. Who by the way, were so attentive & helpful to Lisa. Loved them!


Time for Lisa & Michael’s photos..

Love this one. I can see it on a canvas 😉

2015-08-31_0044 2015-08-31_0045 2015-08-31_0046 2015-08-31_0047 2015-08-31_0048


2015-08-31_0049 2015-08-31_0051


2015-08-31_0054 2015-08-31_0055 2015-08-31_0056

Gorgeous Lisa!!

2015-08-31_0057 2015-08-31_0058 2015-08-31_0059 2015-08-31_0060

So romantic!

2015-08-31_0061 2015-08-31_0063

Garden Ridge Community Center.


Lovely ring shots. Love them!

2015-08-31_0069 2015-08-31_0071

Loved all the details from their wedding day. So cute!



2015-08-31_0087 2015-08-31_0088 2015-08-31_0090 2015-08-31_0091





After dinner, Lisa & Michael enjoyed their first dance as husband & wife 🙂

2015-08-31_0074 2015-08-31_0073 2015-08-31_0075 2015-08-31_0072

Time for dancing!!

2015-08-31_0076 2015-08-31_0078

2015-08-31_0081 2015-08-31_0080

Yum! Time for cake!


Lisa got him good!


Uh oh…watch out Lisa! Haha! Loved these!!

2015-08-31_0066 2015-08-31_0067

A great end to a beautiful day! More dancing of course!!


Thank you Lisa & Michael for letting me be apart of your day. Not only as your wedding photographer, but as your friend as well. We love y’all!

Venue: Garden Ridge Community Center
DJ: DeeJay Danny Dizzle
Hair: Carime Hair Fashion
Photos: Cupcake Photography

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