Abe + Sofia | Wedding at Boulder Springs Events

When I first received Sofia’s email for her July 4th wedding, my heart skipped a beat. From the first couple of email exchanges I had with Sofia, I knew that we were going to be a great fit for each other!  I had received her email while we were away on a trip, and as soon as we got back to Texas, I texted Sofia right away & set up an online meeting with her! Sofia & Abe live in Florida, so we weren’t able to have a consultation in person, like I normally do! Even through our facetime meeting, I felt like we had been friends for years!

I have to admit, I was nervous to meet my bride & groom for the first time in person on their actual wedding day, but as soon as we arrived, I went to say hi to Sofia & was greeted with a big hug!

Everything about their wedding day was so special. Every detail from the bracelet made by her mother, with the very lace her grandmother wore, to the cowboy boots the bride received from her older brother, to the daisies in mason jars that adorned each table.

Surrounded by family & friends, their ceremony and reception was held at Boulder Springs Events in New Braunfels, Texas.

Take a peak at their July 4th Wedding day! I think you will love it, as much as I do!

Take a look at their wedding day slideshow HERE!

My face when I saw Boulder Springs: 😀


If you have the opportunity to have your ceremony & reception at the same location, this is one of the perks. An empty reception hall, fully decorated before guests begin to arrive, that is pretty special!


Loved the center pieces. Daisies, baby breath, in mason jars. Oh, and we can’t forget the gold antlers.

2015-08-16_0001 2015-08-16_0002 2015-08-16_0003 2015-08-16_0004 2015-08-16_0005 2015-08-17_0003

A table dedicated to Sofia’s father.


Bridal details.

I loved everything that had to do with Sofia’s details. From her boots given to her as a gift from her brother, to that beautiful sash that adorned her wedding dress. So pretty!!


Sofia’s mama made her that bracelet with the very lace that Sofia’s grandmother wore. How special is that?

2015-08-16_0007 2015-08-16_0008

Boulder Springs has a really nice Bridal Suite. Lots of mirrors!


Ready to pop the champagne!


Abe & Sofia told each other that they weren’t going to give each other gifts on the day of their wedding. Of course, Abe had other plans. He sent a gift her way, a gorgeous bracelet with a tiny heart.

2015-08-16_0012 2015-08-16_0013

Ready to put on the dress! Love this photo!

2015-08-16_0014 2015-08-16_0015 2015-08-16_0018 2015-08-16_0019 2015-08-16_0020

Ceremony time…look at Abe’s smile! 🙂


Sofia’s mama & her older brother walked her down the aisle…

2015-08-16_0025 2015-08-16_0026

Together at last!

2015-08-16_0027 2015-08-16_0028 2015-08-16_0029 2015-08-16_0030 2015-08-16_0033 2015-08-16_0035

Sofia’s veil had me swoonin’!

2015-08-16_0037 2015-08-16_0038 2015-08-16_0039 2015-08-16_0040 2015-08-16_0042

Mr. & Mrs. Yay!!!

2015-08-16_0043 2015-08-16_0044 2015-08-16_0046

A little mid aisle kiss never hurt nobody! 😉


Love, love, love this bridal party look.

2015-08-16_0049 2015-08-16_0051 2015-08-16_0053

& the girls wore boots! 😉

That’s it. I’m getting myself a pair of cowboy boots!!!


The guys…

2015-08-16_0059 2015-08-16_0060

“Y’all hug Abe!” … they did good! Lol!



When your bride & groom take shots before the reception begins…

Yea, this is going to be a good party! My kinda couple! 😉

2015-08-16_0065 Love these photos that my 2nd shooter took (aka my hubs!)


Abe took every opportunity to spin, kiss and dip Sofia!! WE LOVED THAT!


Right after Abe & Sofia were finished eating dinner, we headed back outside to take advantage of the golden hour. We took their bride & groom portraits, while the rest of their guests finished eating.
2015-08-16_0074 2015-08-18_0022 2015-08-16_0075 2015-08-18_0024 2015-08-16_0076 2015-08-18_0026

One of my favorites from their wedding day…2015-08-18_0028

You are so cute Sofia!!

2015-08-16_0082 2015-08-16_0081 2015-08-18_0031 2015-08-18_0032

2015-08-18_0017 2015-08-18_0018

Ready to party!!!

2015-08-18_0016 2015-08-18_0015 2015-08-18_0019

Sofia was surprised with Mariachis!

2015-08-18_0008 2015-08-18_0009

Yup, it was a FUN reception.2015-08-18_0014

 Bouquet & garter toss…

2015-08-18_0007 2015-08-18_0005 2015-08-18_0006 2015-08-18_0004

Dancing, so much dancing!


 Nothing better than a sparkler photo of just the bride & groom. Romantic indeed.

2015-08-18_0001 2015-08-18_0002

Thank you so much Abe & Sofia for picking me to photograph your special day. We loved working with the both of you!

I also want to give a HUGE Thank you to Gloria, Sofia’s wedding day coordinator for being so professional, down to earth & just overall amazing! If you are thinking of hiring a day of coordinator, please call Gloria! She’s great at what she does.

Venue: Boulder Springs Events
Band: Cactus Country – San Antonio
Coordinator: Gloria Schroeder
Your Day – Your Way Event Planning
Wedding Coordinator, Event Planner
Photos: Cupcake Photography + 2nd shooter: Ivan Perez

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