Leonel & Anahis | Anniversary Session

Nothing makes me happier than photographing a couple who is in love. These two made my job so easy! They celebrated their 1 year anniversary this past Summer & decided to celebrate with a photo session! How sweet is that? Leo & I were friends way back in the day, but lost touch throughout the years. I loved meeting his beautiful wife Anahis! She is so incredibly sweet & they are the perfect match. Take a peak at their anniversary session!

2015-08-10_0002 2015-08-10_0003

I love when my clients fall into these poses naturally. I’m like really!? Lol! Love it!

2015-08-10_0004 2015-08-10_0005 2015-08-10_0006 2015-08-10_0007

You are too cute Anahis!! Love this photo!

2015-08-10_0008 2015-08-10_0010 2015-08-10_0011

A & L


This might be my favorite photo from their anniversary session. The lighting, the pose, love it!

2015-08-10_0013 2015-08-10_0014 2015-08-10_0015

Outfit change before the last of the light!

2015-08-10_0016 2015-08-10_0017 2015-08-10_0018 2015-08-10_0019 2015-08-10_0020 2015-08-10_0021

Thank you for working with me Leo & Anahis! I had such a great time with the two of you. Happy 1 year anniversary! May you spend many more happy years together.


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