Venzor Family

Loved working with the Venzor family at the Walnut Springs Park in Seguin, Texas.

Grandma & Grandpa were in town visiting, so they were able to take photos with their beautiful grand-daughters.

There is something so incredibly special about having portraits taken with your grandparents. I imagine it must be extra special to see your babies with your parents.

If you have been waiting for the opportunity for your children to take professional photographs with their grandparents, take it, plan for it! Time goes by so quickly as we all know! It’s so worth having those moments & memories captured. Especially when your children are so young, they are able to go back to moments through photographs. That’s a true gift.

2015-07-05_0001 2015-07-05_0002 2015-07-05_0003 2015-07-05_0004 2015-07-05_0006 2015-07-05_0007 2015-07-05_0008 2015-07-05_0009 2015-07-05_0010 2015-07-05_0011 2015-07-05_0012 2015-07-05_0013 2015-07-05_0014 2015-07-05_0015 2015-07-05_0016 2015-07-05_0017 2015-07-05_0018 2015-07-05_0019 2015-07-05_0020

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