Jafet + Raquel | Wedding day at Creekside Driftwood

So excited to share more of Jafet & Raquel’s June wedding.

Emerald green, Navy blue & Orange decorated their gorgeous wedding. I was really looking forward to working at the beautiful Creekside wedding venue located in Driftwood, Texas.  Austin Hill Country is a really sweet sight! Creekside is located on a hill top, with the beautiful river right below!

Jafet is actually a photographer too. It’s pretty exciting when another photographer can trust you with his/her day!

Take a peak into their wedding day!

Check out their wedding day slideshow HERE! 

Bridal details.

I love details so much. They really tell the story of your entire day. It’s also a great way for me to ‘warm up’ for the wedding day as well. That’s a really big reason why I encourage my brides to take ‘getting ready’ photos.

Hair & makeup…

2015-06-22_0001 2015-06-22_0003 2015-06-22_0004 2015-06-22_0005

Ceremony held at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Austin, Texas.


Isn’t Raquel’s wedding dress gorgeous!? I loved everything about it. The beading & the sleeves were so lovely.

Raquel has a love for all things vintage, I love that her wedding dress portrays that love too!

2015-06-22_0007 2015-06-22_0010

Walking down the aisle to her love. Love that moment…

2015-06-22_0012 2015-06-22_0013 2015-06-22_0014 2015-06-22_0015 2015-06-22_0016 2015-06-22_0018 2015-06-22_0020

I just adore the colors they chose for their wedding day!

2015-06-22_0021 2015-06-22_0023 2015-06-22_0024 2015-06-22_0025

I always get a little teary eyed when daddy gives away his baby girl…

2015-06-22_0026 2015-06-22_0027 2015-06-22_0028

Raquel’s big brother & his wife were the witnesses! They also gave them their rings. I thought that was so sweet!


Look at Jafet’s smile! He’s so excited to put a ring on it 😉


Mr. & Mrs. Yay! 🙂


Loving those smiles!!


After their ceremony, Jafet & Raquel decided to greet their guests from the stage. I loved that! They have the chance to see who attended their ceremony, take in that moment & hug their loved ones right away. It’s such an exciting moment!

2015-06-22_0033 2015-06-22_0035 2015-06-22_0036 2015-06-22_0037 2015-06-22_0038

Jafet & Raquel decided to take outdoor family formals at their wedding venue, so we took a couple of formal portraits of just the two of them, before we left to Creekside!


How cute is Raquel’s manicure!? 😉

2015-06-22_0041 2015-06-22_0042

Heading out to Creekside!


My face when I saw the venue for the first time: 😀

2015-06-22_0070 2015-06-22_0071

Stained concrete. Window light. Chandeliers. Yes, please!

2015-06-22_0044 2015-06-22_0060 2015-06-22_0061 2015-06-22_0063

Naked cake! Ah! I love!

2015-06-22_0065 2015-06-22_0069

Bridal party photos…

2015-06-22_0050 2015-06-22_0051 2015-06-22_0052 2015-06-22_0054 2015-06-22_0056 2015-06-22_0057

Beautiful Raquel!!!

2015-06-22_0045 2015-06-22_0046 2015-06-22_0047

Love this!!


How gorgeous is Raquel’s wedding day bouquet? It was actually done by my bride Xilma (who I worked with in May!). She volunteered to make all the flower arrangements for Jafet & Raquel, and let me tell you, she did an amazing job!

2015-06-22_0072 I asked for Raquel & Jafet to take their bride & groom portraits after they ate dinner, so we were able to take advantage of the sunset! Here are some of my favorites, so difficult to narrow them down, because I have so many 😀



Love, love, love!

2015-06-22_0080 2015-06-22_0081

Yes! Loving this!

2015-06-22_0083 2015-06-22_0084 2015-06-22_0085 2015-06-22_0086 2015-06-22_0087 2015-06-22_0088 2015-06-22_0089

Work it guys! 😉

2015-06-22_0090 2015-06-22_0091 2015-06-22_0092 2015-06-22_0093 2015-06-22_0094 2015-06-22_0095

So sweet. I love romantic photographs…


Bride & groom details.

2015-06-22_0097 2015-06-22_0098

So many beautiful photo spots at Creekside!

2015-06-22_0099 2015-06-22_0100 2015-06-22_0101

So beautiful! I love this so much!


Time to party!


First dances…

2015-06-22_0105 2015-06-22_0106 2015-06-22_0107 2015-06-22_0108 2015-06-22_0109 2015-06-22_0110

Daddy & daughter dance…

2015-06-22_0111 2015-06-22_0112

Can’t even take it :’) Too sweet!!!


Mother & son dance…

2015-06-22_0115 2015-06-22_0116

Time for dancing!!!


Lots of dancing!!!



Time to cut the cake, but first a ring shot on the cake 😉

2015-06-22_0121 2015-06-22_0122

After more family pictures at the venue, Raquel was ready to dance!!!

2015-06-22_0123 2015-06-22_0124

I will end this post with a photo of a little girl grabbing a little boy’s butt, because that is how a good love story begins! Haha! 😉

Thank you again to Raquel & Jafet for picking me to document your day! It was a privilege to work with the two of you & your wonderful family & friends!

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