My experience with CreativeLive & meeting Jasmine Star!

A couple of months ago, I had applied to take a class by my FAVORITE wedding photographer, Jasmine Star! I still remember the first time I came across her work, years ago. I stalked (sorry, not sorry. lol!) her blog and watched (re-watched) her YouTube videos, always waiting for the next blog post & the next youtube video. I still remember specifically the first CreativeLive class taught by her. Completely changed my attitude during a difficult time, I was going through with Cupcake. I even recorded it on my cell phone from my laptop, so I could watch it whenever I was feeling down.

“I’m busy doing me. Know who you is!” – Jasmine Star

I still hold that specific class to the highest regard, because of how much it affected me at the time & actually still does.

I always look forward to her online classes & to hear her speak. The way she explains things is so simple & real! Not only that, but she is incredibly OPEN about her business. She really is an open book. She discusses her struggles as a photographer & that is NEEDED in our industry. For whatever reason, photographers tend to be a little on the quiet spectrum in regards to their struggles as business owners. Jasmine Star was the FIRST photographer that I came across that pushed the idea that the struggle is very much real and that it’s okay to show that part of our lives.

For those who aren’t familiar with CreativeLive, they are free live classes that are taught by inspiring & motivating instructors. If you are someone who is in the Art industry or would like to enter into the Art industry, I highly recommend for you to look them up & take an online class. I have taken many of their online classes & it has been so beneficial, not only for my photographs, but also the business side of Cupcake Photography (which I LOVE!)

So, a few months ago, Jasmine Star posted that she would be hosting a 30 day bootcamp for wedding photographers; The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience. I was so excited & pumped! Then I saw that CreativeLive was accepting applications for studio audience members.

I remember sitting at my computer for a while, just looking at the application.

I had to enter my website, tell them a little about myself, tell them why I wanted to take this class & how I thought it would help me/my business.

I NEVER would have thought I would have been picked. Never in a million years. Out of all of the applicants, what are the chances this chickaroo from San Antonio, Texas would have been picked!?

When Ivan got home that evening from work, I said, “Hey babe, sooo I applied to this CreativeLive class that Jasmine Star is hosting. Oh & it’s in San Francisco!” Ivan, “Oh, that’s great!” Me: “Yea, but you know, I’m sure a lot of photographers are applying for this opportunity, so what are chances?


Well, a few months later, (I actually completely forgot I had even applied!) there is the email from the CreativeLive team- with CONGRATULATIONS in the subject line!!!

I pretty much had a heart attack & scared Ivan to death! Lol! So, next thing you know, we are heading to San Francisco!

I woke up Thursday morning with butterflies. I even told my husband, “I feel like we are getting married again & it’s our wedding day!” & Ivan says, “Actually, you are more nervous for this, because you were pretty calm on our wedding day!”

So true 😀

My husband drove me to the CreativeLive building and I made him go around the block twice, before finally getting out. I’m telling you, so nervous. Not only nervous to meet Jasmine, I mean obvi, but also nervous to meet other photographers. I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t have very many friends who are photographers in my area & honestly, it is something I struggle with. This time though, I told myself I would be myself & try to meet new people. I definitely had to step out of my comfort zone.  & it was nerve wrecking to say the least. lol!

I walked into the kitchen area, where there was already a large group of photographers. They had breakfast for us and coffee. Which I needed, so badly (I hardly slept the night before from being so excited!!)

& I took a deep breath, walked around the room, shook hands, collected business cards, made conversations and met new photographers.

It. Was. Awesome!

Here are few of my iPhone photos that I took the day of my class. Felt so surreal to be there. An amazing experience beyond words. I’m still in total awe that I was chosen for the opportunity to watch her teach LIVE.

When Jasmine walked into the studio, there was a buzz in the room. All the photographers were bursting with energy & it was so evident. We were so excited to be there. The energy was truly contagious. IMG_5332

 Selfie time with Alyssa & Alyssa!

Loved chatting with these beautiful ladies, Annie (who flew in from Ireland!!!) & Erica!   

For lunch, CreativeLive hooked us up.


I’m not gonna lie. I was straight up creepin’ with the sneaky pics. Lol!  

After our final class, CreativeLive had snacks & champagne for us. How sweet is that!?  

I served myself champagne twice. Don’t mind if I do 😉 Lol!  

Here’s my new friend Kate! Take a look at her blog! She wrote about her experience on CreativeLive & it’s awesome. Oh and she took photos with her Canon & not an iPhone. Lol! So check them out! 😉

& then, this happened & I was like, “oh ma lanta!!!”

Side hair. Don’t care.

Group photo taken by JD 🙂

JD, Jasmine’s husband, joined us that day, so I had to get a picture with him too. JD works together with Jasmine as her partner & second shooter. I love hearing and seeing them interact, reminds me a lot of me & Ivan actually.

Can we talk about my forehead vein for a second? It’s out of control. For real.

I knew I wanted to talk to Jasmine. I didn’t know what I was going to say or how I was going to say it. & I’m pretty sure I was super awkward too. I seriously, had to push myself out of my comfort zone to go up to her.  So, I kinda just roamed around until I finally spotted the opportunity. I talked to her about my story, on how I first got start & that I have always had 3 main goals for my photography business.

1. To shoot a destination wedding. {Check!}

2. To have my work published one day.  {I’m on my way!}

3. To meet her, my favorite photographer, Jasmine Star. {CHECK!!!!}

Among, other sappy things.

& then we took a selfie.

Afterwards, Liz (one of the photographers from Panama!!) invited some of us to check out the roof with her!   

Then we had a mini-fashion shoot, because that’s what a group of photographer’s do. We can’t help ourselves!

Natalie & Liz, workin’ it!   

I’ve been home for a couple of days now. As soon as I left the class, my mind was racing. I knew there was a list to be written, but I couldn’t even write a list while in SF, that’s how consumed I was with ideas. Once I got home, I got to work.

There are things I KNOW I need to work on! I’m excited to see where Cupcake will be in the next few months/years.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing photography for years, or if you are barely starting out, try your best, practice every day, and never give up.

Dream big. Dream bigger.

2 thoughts on “My experience with CreativeLive & meeting Jasmine Star!

  1. Anna Marisol says:

    Love this post! I hope you continue your growth path and meet tons on new awesome people, you have the sweetest heart!


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